Services Offered Ceiling Pro Cleaners

Services Offered Ceiling Pro Cleaners

Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration Services

You now have an alternative to painting or replacing acoustic ceilings that is both inexpensive and effective. You can now clean your acoustic ceiling thanks to our spray and dry mist method with 13 solutions to choose from for the over 100 different ceiling types on the market today—not to mention the many forms of soil and dirt!

The many solutions have been used to deal with problems ranging from nicotine smoke damage to water stains and smoke damage from fires. Your cafeterias, kitchens, office areas and patient areas will have a new and brighter look. Watch your maintenance costs shrink! See how it works !

Services you can expect:

  • Most ceiling types (even spray-texture!)
  • Walls (including brick!)
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Tile Replacement
  • Gridwork Cleaning
  • Light Fixture Cleaning

Your Walls Are Covered Too!

A complete range of care for your walls utilizing a variety of materials:

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Panels — Found in most kitchen and food preparation areas of restaurants, grocery, supermarkets, schools, hotels, etc.
  • Stainless Steel — Found in most kitchen and food preparation areas of restaurants, grocery, supermarkets, schools, hotels, etc.
  • Fabric Sheet Rock Walls — Usually found in office buildings
  • Services Offered Ceiling Pro Cleaners
  • Ceramic Tile Walls — Usually found in office buildings, kitchens, restrooms, hotels, supermarkets, schools, etc.
  • Air Conditioning Duct — Found in most high areas of restaurants, grocery, supermarkets, schools, hotels, etc.
  • Return Vents — Found in most high areas of restaurants, grocery, supermarkets, schools, hotels, etc.
  • Any high area needs — That could be found in atriums or extended ceiling areas such as: Lights, sprinkler heads, ledges, pictures, speakers, crown molding, dental molding, etc.

What is Acoustical Ceiling Restoration?

It is a process that recycles existing aged/discolored acoustical ceilings while recapturing the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the material. The process is equally applicable to popcorn, textured, plaster and tile surfaces.

Ceiling Pro’s restoration process provides a better than new ceiling without the disadvantages of replacement. Where Ceiling Pro’s recommended application procedure is adhered to, even water stains and nicotine are not an obstacle.

This is achieved by:

  • Complete encapsulation of the area, all lights, fixtures, furnishings, etc. are protected against over spray and dust.
  • After surface preparation has been completed, the entire ceiling system (includes t-bars, air diffusers, and audio speaker plates) is sprayed with our state-of-the-art acoustical coating.
  • Masking and encapsulation materials are removed and discarded, leaving the area «ready for business as usual.»

Large ceiling areas are restored in short periods of time, typically over night. This process is ideal for occupied spaces where the renovation work is limited to nights and weekends in order to avoid conflict with normal business routines.

Ceiling restoration is also a means of responding to those concerned with the environment and the excessive amount of solid waste disposal. Tile replacement typically involves disposal of the old materials.

More information about an Acoustical Recoat can be found here .

Acoustic Ceiling Maintenance

An acoustical ceiling system represents a significant capital investment. Return on that investment can be measured by the extended length of time before it must be replaced with new materials. That timeframe can be increased dramatically by a simple preventative ceiling maintenance program. utilizing unique tools designed specifically to solve two primary problems.

Touch-Up Water Stains: The most common blemishes on new or existing ceilings are water stains and hand marks and a checkerboard effect from random tile replacement. Ceiling Pro’s green alternative is an acoustical tile restorer in aerosol. It is a one-step touch up; it matches original white tile color; with the spray adapter and pole, application is done from the floor quickly and without clumsy ladders.

Remove Loose Soot: Loose soot and dirt on and around air vents result in permanent staining of the ceiling material. Typically loose carbon-based soot is difficult to remove. Vacuuming is awkward and liquid cleaners and brushing usually result in smearing of the carbon. With Ceiling Pro’s soft sweep broom, the head is composed of exploded nylon bristles. When rubbed, a static charge acts like a magnet, attracting the carbon-based particles. Brushing lightly across the surface, the soot particles are attracted to the broom head and remain there rather than falling to the floor.

Every facility maintenance manager should have an acoustical ceiling maintenance kit that includes: Acoustical Tile Restorer in Aerosol with Spray Adapter and Extension Pole and a Soft Sweep Broom with Extension Pole.


In today’s economy, everybody is looking for the most cost effective and quickest method of solving problems. To help those faced with the time-consuming and expensive problems related to chipped, old, discolored, or rusted ceiling grid work, Ceiling Pro has developed a superior solution! Our CEILING GRID CAP makes old gridwork look new again! And, at a fraction of the cost of painting or replacement!

  • GRID CAP extends the useful life of older gridwork that is dingy, chipped, rusty or cracked by concealing the grid
  • GRID CAP eliminates need for expensive sanding. painting & prep work
  • GRID CAP is a cost effective alternative to painting or replacement
  • GRID CAP gives the entire area a new professional appearance
  • GRID CAP may be cleaned by our standard cleaning solutions
  • GRID CAP needs no specialized tools for installation
  • GRID CAP is a geon vinyl/pvc material designed to fit the standard 15/16ths suspended ceiling grid systems
  • GRID CAP is available as 4-foot lengths in a standard off-white color
  • GRID CAP simply slides over the current gridwork and snaps into place
  • GRID CAP has a flash point of 391C (735F) and a self-ignition temp. of 454C (850F)
  • GRID CAP trims wall-moldings, light fixtures. H.V.A.C. vents. soffits, etc.

Benefits of the Ceiling Pro Process

  • YOU SAVE MONEY! Costs less than 50% of a professional paint job and up to 75% savings over tile replacement!
  • YOUR CEILINGS KEEP ABSORBING SOUND! Painting destroys ceiling acoustical values. You pay dearly for the sound absorption properties!
  • CEILINGS KEEPS FIRE RETARDANCY VALUES! Paint on a ceiling can give fire a fast path to increased structural damage and add safety hazards for persons in the building.
  • BRIGHTENS YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Instead of painting, replacing tile or adding new light fixtures, use the Ceiling Pro Process to increases your areas luminosity. That’s real energy consciousness, with cost savings built right in!
  • DISINFECTS, SANITIZES AND DEODORIZES, TOO! Our services do all this in addition to removing the dirt! The Ceiling Pro Process is absolutely necessary for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and restaurants where ceilings are too often overlooked!
  • YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHEN WE WORK! Our insured, bonded, and specially trained service crews work quickly and come in at your convenience. You will appreciate this quiet and mess-free operation.
  • SPECIAL METHODS FOR SPECIAL PROBLEMS! Dirty vent areas, water stains and other problems are no problem with Ceiling Pro.
  • We can show you big cost savings against traditional methods of ceiling cleaning, restoration and maintenance. With budgets under pressure, the Ceiling Pro Process can keep your professional appearance UP, while holding your costs DOWN.

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