You Asked — How to decorate a bathroom rusticFunky Junk Interiors

You Asked - How to decorate a bathroom rusticFunky Junk Interiors

You Asked How to decorate a bathroom rustic

I get lots of emails behind the scenes. And I tend to answer lots of questions the same way. Zipping an email back has been a pretty standard thing.

Rather than hiding all those valuable answers, I thought Id bring a few of them to the blog every now and then, in hopes that the advice could help you as well.

Ready for the first? Lets play

You Asked How to decorate a bathroom rustic.

Denise Burkett wrote me in early February, after my salvaged farmhouse bathroom reveal . I guess I somehow convinced her that I actually knew what I was doing (because I kinda dont!) because she asked me what she could do to enhance her own bathroom.

Also a lover of junkish stuff, Denise started incorporating some rustic wood into her mix, but still wasnt sold. She just quite frankly wasnt loving her space and asked me how she could take this rustic thing to the next level.

Rather than tell Denise EXACTLY what to do to her room, I thought Id take another approach. This is what I would suggest to anyone wishing to redo a bathroom.

Define your style

For this blog post, I opened up a drawing program called Olioboard . so I could offer some kind of visual. I played around with elements and tones I loved, to get a feel for some kind of direction.

I quickly found I was really drawn to a fresh, crisp neutral background, some kind of wall treatment that offered character, wood tones, eclectic accessories and a hefty touch of black.

Start with a clean slate and pretend you could have anything you wished in your room. What would you choose? Search Pinterest or pick up magazines and start to recognize your style.

I didnt use Olioboard for my own bathroom. I studied the room until I visualized exactly what I wanted. Then started in. Im fortunate to be able to see something before its finished, but realize not everyone can. If you cant, use resources that will help guide you.

1. Can you morph your vanity? Or does it need replacing?

A vanity is the main staple to most bathrooms and is the one thing that will suggest what style youre going for.

I detested my own old vanity so much, I had it brought to the curb with no replacement in sight. I was willing to go without just to get it out of the house. Drastic? Yes.

But with good reason. It was so big, that it made me detest the room. Once that thing was out, I started to see a glimmer of hope. And thats when a friend offered me his pedestal for free he had stored in a barn. I took him up on it and fell in LOVE with the room immediately!

But then opportunity knocked and I got to play with a brand new vanity instead that was way more productive. So I made it my own by adding elements I loved.

If I hadnt ditched that vanity then, I would still be hating my bathroom today. If you flat out dont like it, let it go.

But if you like the bones of the vanity, try morphing it. If it doesnt turn out, then get rid of it.

2. Your mirror or lights dont have to match.

Once you have a vanity look in place, its time to shop for a mirror. Dont settle until you find something you love OR you know you can make it into something youll love.

My vanity came with a matching mirror. But rather than leaving it the way it came packaged or getting another, I built on it. I LOVED the fact that the lines were super basic because that made morphing it all the easier.

And just so you know? I had NO idea the vanity nor mirror would be finished like they are. Once they were in place in the room, I just started playing with things I had and stopped when I liked what I saw.

As for lights? I already had a pretty nice light set, but one day theyll be replaced with something more junk style.

3. Accessorize with things you LOVE.

What you put in the bathroom next will make or break it. Much like wearing an outfit you dont like, if you load your room up with meh kinda things, your room will also turn out meh. Choose things you really love.

You Asked - How to decorate a bathroom rusticFunky Junk Interiors

I went into my archives (junk stash) and carried a whole pile of stuff upstairs. It was borderline hoarder dangerous for a good week. But I kept swapping out things, dry fitting them into the room until I could fall in love with every little nook and cranny. Right down to the quirky checkerboard toilet paper holder.

4. Treat your walls.

Now that you have a look in mind, its time to think about how theyll look in your space. Are you happy with plain drywall or would you desire some character built in with either a feature wall or more?

I knew I wanted to hide the popcorn ceiling so the ceiling planks went up.

I knew I wanted the window changed so I transformed it with a farmhouse window trim.

I knew I needed more towel room so that one wall became a floor to ceiling board and batten attic wall with hooks galore.

Once all those permanent changes were in place, it made all the rest of my choices sing all the louder.

Love. Every. Square. Inch. If you have the choice.

- — -

Establish a look you love.

Replace your vanity if you cant morph it.

Decide on a mirror and lights that marry the vanity well.

Collect accessories you love.

Consider floors, ceilings, walls and other permanent finishes. love them or redo them?

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