10 Pull-ups bars you can install in your home gym Handy Owner

10 Pull-ups bars you can install in your home gym Handy Owner

10 Pull-ups bars you can install in your home gym

You would like to take up the challenge to improve your physical strength by following the 20 Pull-Ups Program and you do not have a pull-up bar. Would you like to add a pull-ups bar to your home gym but you do not really know what bar to choose or how to install it? There are a number of pull-up bars readily available on the market, with selling prices between $20 and several hundred dollars, or you can make you own.

They come in various shapes and colors but in essence they all allow you to do pull-ups. Some differentiate themselves by allowing for variations such as chin-ups or sit-ups. But among the most important things, you have to keep an eye out for, is how easy such a bar can be installed.

If you do not have a dedicated space for your home gym you should consider a removable installation such as a door-gym system, otherwise you should look for a more permanent installation.

Here are the best candidates for you home gym and how that can be installed:

Turns any doorway into a personal gym; installs in seconds. Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more. Three grip positions, narrow, wide, and neutral. Uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door.

2. Adjustable Door Bar

Ideal for pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches. Comfortable, adjustable neoprene grips. Position at top or bottom of door frame for upper body or abdominal workouts. Easily adjustable 2-piece bar fits doors from 26 to 36. Holds up to 400 lbs

3. Joist Mount Bar

48 Width Bar with 1 1/4 Diameter heavy wall tube. 30 Degree down angle at ends. Four grip covers. Can be mounted on any wood joist. Great for basement mounting. Can be mounted in out of the way locations. 4 3/8 mounting bolts with hardware included.

4. Ceiling Mount Bar

48 width bar 1 1/4 diameter heavy wall tube. Distance between mounting brackets 32 for 16 centerline studs. 30 degree down angle at ends. Two transverse handles for pull ups. Great for basement mounting.

5. Wall Mount Bar

Removable 40 wide bar adjusts to 5 different heights in 6 increments. Made of extremely strong 11-gauge powder-coated steel. Comes equipped with mounting brackets, lag bolts and shields.

6. Above Door Bar

Properly mounted will support 1200 lbs. Use for wide grip or close grip pull ups. Ends and center of bar knurled for better gripping. Two transverse handles for pull ups. 15 degree down angle at ends. Can be mounted on any wall using a 2 x 4 wood plate. Can be mounted reverse as shown in the picture for reverse grip pull ups.

7. Free Standing Bar

Uprights and base are constructed of 1 3/4 galvanized steel. Bar is 1 1/4 galvanized steel and is typically 80 wide. Adjusts from 5 to 7 high. Base is equipped with non marring rubber pads. Very portable and breaks down for easy storage.

The Champion Chin and Dip Station is a high quality, cutting edge fitness device made from heavy duty steel tubing for maximum balance and support. This exercise machine allows you to do positive and negative resistance work. The ingenious design allows 2 users at the same time and its 92 height allows for a full range of motion. The Chin Bar has multiple grip positions for numerous exercises.

9. Pull-Up Assistant Set

The Pull-Up-Assistant enables virtually any 4th through 12th grade student to perform a real pull-up. Even an unfit 4th grader can now perform the correct skill, recruiting a full range of the correct muscle groups. The Pull-Up-Assistant is attached to existing pull-up bars, via mountain-climbing-quality straps and hardware. A secure foot platform and bungee cords act to effectively reduce the weight of the user. With weight reduced to low enough levels, pull-ups can be successfully accomplished.

Any of these training bars. along with other gym equipment and apparel, can be securely purchased from the 20 Pull-Ups Program Store .

10. Home Made Pull-Up Bar

Should you really like to go the way of the brave and make the training bar yourself, here is how to make such a bar.

What do you need?

  • Heavy duty 1 1/4 round tube
  • 1 1/4 x 3/8 heavy duty metal band
  • Electric Drill
  • 3/8 drill bit
  • 2x 3/8 metal screws
  1. Cut the round tube to 4 1/2
  2. Cut two metal band pieces of 18 in length
  3. Bend the metal band at one end to make a loop around to round tube
  4. Make sure you end of the loop can be secured with a screw from the band itself
  5. Drill a hole in each band at the loop end
  6. Drill two 3/8 holes at the other end of each band
  7. Secure the round tube with the two 3/8 screws

For installation steps and tips please got to our earlier article How to install a pull-up bar in your home gym

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