Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Controls — Problems and Solutions

Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Controls - Problems and Solutions

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Consumers love the idea of a Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote because it means that they do not have to actually walk into the room to turn the fan on or get out of bed to turn it off.

How many times have you wished that you did not have to get out from under the covers and pull the chain to turn the fan down a notch? The Hampton Bay remote that comes with the ceiling fan is perfect for ease of use, convenience and functionality in these situations.

However, some reviews posted on the internet by buyers report that the batteries may run down quickly in the accompanying remote control. They also have mentioned complaints that replacement remotes are complicated to find, but there are definitely a few Hamilton Bay remote controls that can be found easily at, which overall, work very well for many fans.

List of Best Hampton Bay Fan Remotes

Most of Hampton Bay ceiling fan remotes can be bought at The following is a list of top rated models available for sale:

Hampton Bay Thermostatic Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control 838-956 automatically turns the fan on and off and sets the speed of the fan based on the room temperature that you desire. For around $60, this remote has a full range fan light dimmer and timers that can be set from a hour up to 24 hours for both the fan and the lights, independently. A neat feature called the Room Exit Feature will turn the light off precisely three minutes after you leave the room.

Hampton Bay Universal Wall Mount Remote Control 191-707 is available for $60 and is equipped with a 3-speed fan control, a light full range dimmer, and controls from up to 20 feet away. Consumer reviews mention that the wiring instructions are a bit confusing and there are reported problems with the remote not turning the fan off. People that have used this Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote also state that it shows the fan is off when it is actually on and the light dimmer button has issues as well.

Hampton Bay Portable Ceiling Fan Remote Control can be bought for under $65. The hand held transmitter controls the ceiling fan and the lighting. It uses a 9 V battery and operates from up to 40 feet away from the fan.

There is even a Hampton Bay fan remote called the Universal Ceiling Fan/TV/DVD/Satellite Remote Control. does not have this one in stock, but it can be found in other places on the internet. Consumer reviews about this Hampton Bay remote are actually pretty positive, although they warn not to lose the manual to it, because it is almost impossible to get your hands on another one. The great thing about the universal remotes is that if you misplace or break the one you have, you can always buy a new one.

Common Owner Problems and Solutions:

A number of problems with Hampton Bay fan remote controls, and solutions to them are usually not easily solvable.

However, consumer reports and discussions on forums lead to these general simple and yet effective methods to fix the remote controls :

Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Controls - Problems and Solutions

Adjusting the Dip Switches

Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote and fan is programmed to function on a particular frequency. The consumer can set this frequency using controls referred to as dip switches. You will find one of the dipswitch sets on the interior of the remote. The other one is actually on the fan. The dip switches act to tune the remote and fan to the same channel or frequency. They both need to be programmed to the same setting.

If the fan is not responding to the Hampton Bay remote, check to make sure that the dip switches are set to the same setting in both the remote and on the fan. If they are on the same setting, try a different setting to see if that works.

If you happen to have two sets of Hampton Bay ceiling fans remote and two separate fans, each fan and remote set will need to be set to different channels in order to avoid interference.

Furthermore, if other wireless or remote controlled device is interfering with your fan, like the garage door opener or universal remote for the TV, try a different setting on the dip switches. This usually fixes the problem .

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