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Ceiling Texture Services Calgary

Ceiling Texture Calgary offers a wide variety of ceiling systems that we will do from start to finish effectively and efficiently for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Please read through our services and rest assured that what you are looking for, we provide.

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

With Acoustical Ceiling Tiles, you can cover any unsightly overhead spaces, lighting fixtures, electrical, or mechanical services that are required, yet you would rather not have hanging over you while working or relaxing in your home. The acoustical tile utilizes specialized products and materials that will soften any excessive or unwanted sounds, noise, or echoes in the home as well. And believe us when we tell you that the functional design details are pleasing to the eyes of onlookers. We offer a variety of textures, patterns and an array of colours.

Damage to your ceiling is always very noticeable, especially to the owner of the home. These damages are hard to fix without have the right tools or experience to take on the job. Ceiling Texture Calgary’s professional experience will repair all your ceiling damage and make sure that the current ceiling textured is matched 100% and you won’t even know there was damage to begin with. More often than not, we come to a home and see that someone has tried to correct the issue themselves. We would suggest getting one of our technicians in there first, rather than costing you more money in the long run.

On some home projects that include a renovation on the ceiling, you may be required to repaint or repair the walls as well. This would be an easy enough job to do on your own, so if that’s the route you have decided to take, please keep in mind that we can help with that as well. We have made connections all over the city and surrounding area and would be more than happy to reach out to our contacts and provide you with a great price on paint or offer advice on reliable and experienced painters to come in and help with the job.

Now some people wouldn’t expect a border to make much of a difference in a home, but when you look at one that is done correctly, it can add extra dimensions to your room and open the ceiling right up for you. We offer a variety of elegant designs and would be pleased to sit down and discuss your options for a classy finish to your dining room, living room, or bedrooms. We often will complement this finish with a crown moulding.

Custom Designs

We have artists that love to custom design a border or wall design in the homes. Some great ideas are wisps, swirls, or a smokey look to the wall. This is a wonderful way to top off a beautiful home.

Painted Ceiling

A painted ceiling is a common choice for a large common area in the home. A smooth finish to a painted ceiling is one of the hardest aspects to perfect. There are so many layers of mudding and taping coats that is involved and then to achieve that glorious shine and finish is just superior. The ceiling is always under the scrutiny of lighting so it’s very important to us that it gives the proper setting. You also have the option to feature it with painted borders or decorative designs.

An orange peel texture is meant to resemble the texture of an orange. It brings out a wonderful depth to your ceiling while offering a premium texture finish.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture

We view a knockdown ceiling texture to be that of an art form when trying to achieve the perfect lace knockdown look. This is absolutely one of the most premium finishes that you can solicit. You can have this done with a beautiful color tint and make it even better. This design also includes many mudding and taping layers, therefore giving it an exquisite finish.

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