Conference Room AV Systems Conference Room Audio and Video

Conference Room AV Systems Conference Room Audio and Video

Conference Room AV Systems

Conference Room Audio and Video | Wireless Presentations

Premier AV designs and installs audiovisual solutions and conference room AV systems for boardrooms, conference rooms, and corporate meeting spaces. Our conference room audio and video systems have gained praise for both the cutting edge technology we use and for how simple our designs are. Our conference room designs are based on the idea that your room should be wireless and free of cables and connections. We pride ourselves with the ability to upgrade your current system to one that will dazzle and amaze your clients, but still stay within your budget. In addition to our standard conference room audio and video system components, we offer additional products such as in-ceiling teleconferencing for distance communication or the Evoko room manager to help manage your conference room’s schedule.

Conference Room AV System Design

We want to meet with you and find out exactly what your AV conference room requirements are. Whether for an in-house presentation in yourexecutive conference room or for outside vendors to come in and give a presentation, you need an AV system design that will accommodate everyone’s needs. Our team will access your room and the way you use it. We will then answer any AV questions you may have during our walk-thru.

No two companies are the same, and your conference room should be no different. We want to know about your company and how you will use the room the most. Are you interested only in basic functionality, or would you like additional features like lighting control and motorized shades? Will you be using your room for videoconferencing? That is a huge factor when determining which type of display to use in the conference room.

Room size is important when deciding between an in-ceiling projector or a large monitor. We can also install a LED TV to use with videoconferencing and a projector screen to drop-down for larger presentations.

We also look at the design of the room to decide which AV rack will look best or which type of in-ceiling speakers to use.

A good installation begins with proper wiring. All our conference room designs start with Cat5e, Cat6, or even Cat7 cabling depending on distance. Category cabling allows a greater distance without loss of picture quality. Where possible, we avoid running a standard VGA cable directly to your conference room projector or TV, as this is the lowest possible video quality you can get.

For conference rooms, we house all of our AV components inside a fully-enclosed rack with an attractive glass front door and built-in cooling fans.

For video, our designs include a rack-mounted multi-input switcher that sends the selected video source through a digital HDMI connection, over cat5e, to the conference room display. You’ll get full 1080p video all the way.

Our conference room AV system designs work cohesively as one big system. We can incorporate not only our wireless presentation device, but video conferencing, teleconferencing, in-ceiling speakers, in-wall touchscreen control, iPad control, lighting control, and even shade control.

Wireless Conference Room Presentations

Our clients are looking for ways to easily connect their PC to the display in their conference rooms. All of our AV system designs are based around our wireless presentation device. This device allows the conference room users to wirelessly connect a Window or Mac laptop and give their presentation. Using our device over your existing network, users can wirelessly send both video and audio to the display.

We developed this system, because we quickly realized the need for users to wirelessly connect a PC in conference rooms and boardrooms.

Our goal at Premier is to help transform your conference room into an environment that helps you think, create, and communicate. We want to cut the cables and cut the unnecessary connections.

Inside the AV rack in the conference room, we provide a small form-factor rack-mounted PC for use with your internal networked files. We also design our conference room systems to be able to use an iPad. iPhone or other smart-phone device as a presentation device, which means your users can pretty much use any device they have to give their presentations.

We also know that security is extremely important in the corporate world. We only design commercial AV systems, which means we know about corporate security. We are extremely network savvy and our design team will work to ensure that your conference room system will play nice with your network.

Conference Room Video Systems

High-definition video solutions in your conference room allow your employees, your clients or your vendors to experience a true-to-life quality presentation providing rich interaction and team collaboration. Full 1080p HD conference room video is a solution that is easy to deploy, manage and use, and extremely in-expensive.

Our conference room designs include a multi-input switcher and scaler, allowing multiple devices such as laptops, desktops, Apple TV, cable boxes, and video conferencing to be routed to the conference room projector.

With built-in scaling capabilities to full 1080p HD, it provides a simple, elegant solution for displaying HD video sources to one single display.

There are a mix of different users that will present in your conference room everyday. We design our conference room systems to support both PC and Mac laptops, as well as personal mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android. We install our wireless solution, as well as a hardwired backup. This provides compatibility for older laptops.

Conference Room Videoconferencing

Many of our clients use their conference rooms and meeting rooms for video conferencing. As an authorized dealer for LifeSize, our video conference room design is based around their newly redesigned Icon 600 video conferencing system.

This video conferencing system includes a 10x PTZ camera, an HD system codec capable of video resolutions from 720p to 1080p, and the ability to be routed to multiple video screens. You can have crystal clear face-to-face conversations even when you’re miles apart. You can even share your screen in full HD.

The best part about the new LifeSize Icon 600, is its capability to be deployed throughout your entire organization.

We can install video-conferencing room endpoints in all of your conference rooms and meeting rooms, even if the conference rooms are at different locations across the globe.

With LifeSize’s virtualized UVC-Multipoint bridge software, your company can extend multiparty video calling across your entire network. Up to 49 people or room locations can communicate on-screen at the same time. There’s even solutions to incorporate mobile devices and session recording, which can be published to your company network.

Conference Room AV Systems Conference Room Audio and Video

Conference Room Audio Systems

Our conference room AV systems are designed to work cohesively as one system, no matter what audio or video source is selected. Designed for maximum flexibility, the audio equipment we use in our conference room systems is intuitive and extremely user-friendly. When you’re in the middle of a presentation, the last thing you have time for is to worry about switching inputs on your audio visual equipment as you move back-and-forth between files.

Whether playing audio from a power-point presentation or from a video conferencing session, we have a conference room audio solution that will work.

Many of our clients come to us for the sole purpose of solving audio problems in their conference room. We utilize audio equipment that is made for commercial environments.

Too many times we come across conference room systems that have been poorly designed and installed with the wrong equipment. We are not some home theater company that dabbles in commercial AV on the side. You will never find a residential stereo receiver or home theater receiver powering our commercial conference room audio systems.

Our main focus is in the corporate environment. We test equipment in our own showroom, and we form relationships with manufacturers that help us provide the right solutions for your corporate audio video needs. We invite you to come to our showroom and see and use the exact system that we would install at your facility

Our conference room audio systems include flush-mounted, in-ceiling speakers. commercial mixer amplifiers with multiple modular inputs, and if required we can even outfit your room with professional table-top conferencing microphones, ceiling-mounted microphones, or a simple wireless lapel microphone. Our audio visual installation team will work with you and design an audio system that will be custom-made for your listening environment.

Conference Room Teleconferencing

Our in-ceiling microphone teleconferencing systems provide crisp full-room audio that sound as real and pure as if everyone is in the room with you. There is no need to have your conference room participants huddle around a small speaker phone on the table. Our conference room audio systems allow your users to speak freely, engage in full conversations, and conduct their meetings easily.

We install small in-ceiling microphones and a multi-channel teleconferencing mixer that integrates with the rest of our conference room equipment.

This mixer’s sole purpose is to manage echo-cancellation and balance the microphones and speakers. This allows you to speak freely and normally throughout your meeting.

Our installation team carefully calculates the software settings of the teleconferencing mixer during the install. Then they will make several test calls from your room to get the quality of the call perfect.

Operating the teleconference system is very simple. Using the same in-wall touchscreen that controls your conference room’s AV system, user’s simply dial a phone number with the on-screen dialer. They press «hook» dial the phone number and wait for the call to begin ringing over the in-ceiling speakers. Once the other party answers, the user simply speaks naturally from anywhere in the room.

You can even mute the in-ceiling microphones if necessary using the in-wall touchscreen, then un-mute and continue with your call. Our audio conference system components are quickly becoming on of the most popular additions to our conference room designs. This is especially true in the executive conference rooms where teleconferencing meeting are held on a daily basis.

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