Crystal Lighting

Crystal Lighting

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Crystal Lighting — Sophisticated Sparkle

Crystal lighting has long been considered one of the most beautiful pieces of decor you can add to a space. The glimmer, twinkle and remarkable refractive traits of a high quality crystal piece provides unparalleled beauty and grandeur. Long thought to be the decor of palaces, estates and only the most exclusive homes in the world, fine crystal makes its way into today’s homes. Offered in both elegantly nostalgic and distinctly modern forms, crystal lighting radiates a warm feeling of romance and utter luxury appropriate for any room of any home.

It’s not uncommon to find a large chandelier dripping in gorgeous crystal in a foyer cordially welcoming friends and family alike into the home, or a formal dining table being warmly lit by a well dressed multi-tiered chandelier. Large scale chandeliers can work beautifully into a large master suite, in a study or a library even in a grand living room. Smaller mid sized and adorably elegant mini chandeliers find a graceful place almost anywhere. Crystal mini chandeliers create a cozy corner in a bedroom and add whimsy to a master bath. Mid sized crystal chandeliers fit beautifully in kitchens over islands or breakfast nooks.

Crystal lights doesn’t just end at chandeliers either. Manufacturers are creating magnificent pieces for every space including flush mount crystal ceiling fixtures. pleasing crystal pendant lights. gorgeous wall sconces and more. An elegant mix of flush mount ceiling fixtures and wall sconces softly illuminate a hallway, crystal pendant lights add a distinctive sparkle to a bar. The options are unlimited. Use your imagination and you will find crystal is the perfect addition to any space.

If you love the look of crystal, but dripping with crystal isn’t exactly your style, you will be pleased to know that there are beautiful balances of crystal and finely crafted metal fixtures to suit your needs. With an inspiration for modern styling and a spark for bright colorful designs James R. Moder pieces among others should satisfy any unique whim. By creating modern crystal pieces in vibrant blues, greens, reds and purples they have brought crystal into a new generation and style, amazingly unique and undeniably beautiful.

Crystal comes in a wide variety of qualities that enhance certain traits that demand a wide variety of price points. Find out all you need to know with our Crystal Lighting Qualities article. Need help understanding the various qualities of crystal or finding the perfect crystal piece for your home? Call us today and one of our expertly trained sales representatives will be happy to help!

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Special Features

Crystal Lighting

Special Features

We have pointed out some special features that exist in this category.

ENERGY STAR fixtures are tested by the EPA and are certified to use less energy, saving you money and also helps protect the environment.

CONVERTIBLE fixtures are supplied with chain or stems along with optional hardware for flush mounting to the ceiling without the use of the chain or additional stems.

COVERED Fixtures are chandeliers with a decorative glass or fabric shade that cover the light arms.


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