Dollhouse miniatures — Mini treasures wiki trash_minis_plastic

Dollhouse miniatures - Mini treasures wiki trash_minis_plastic

Trash to treasure miniatures from plastic- how to change trash to minis for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas — T2T

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computer keyboards

  • there is a little rubber plunger that acts as a spring to allow the user to press the key and then have the key return to its original position. The key word here (okay, pun intended) is «plunger.» With just a little work one keyboard can produce enough plumber’s helpers to keep Windsor Castle free of clogs forever.
  • keys turned upside down make great planters.

containers and packaging

  • shower and toilet by Stello — playscale
  • cosmetic display — by Askartaja
  • jewelry box — from Мастер Класс
  • use a pop bottle for the structure, make a scene inside
  • cut clear plastic to size, use as window glass
  • the plastic pieces that hold such things as gum, lozenges, pills are sometimes the right shape and size to make loaf pans.

the stem inside some glue sticks is great for a spiral candle. Cut into desired lengths and paint or leave white.

  • the round butter/margarine containers from restaurants make good dishpans and round sinks. set into a counter. They can also be used as storage bins in a child’s bedroom or in a miniature craft room.
  • clear plastic razor cartridge: makes shelves. When painted white on the outside only and covered with a mirror: makes a bathroom cabinet

  • look at your empties. One with a ridged band around the center looks just like window frame molding in about the right scale for 1/12. Experiment: cut out and glue to a plain strip of basswood. Paint and try as molding for windows, fireplace trim, etc. Another one has 1 /4″ stripes of 1/4″ dimples. Several possibilities there for using as decorative trim depending on whether the depressed side or the opposite raised side is desirable. Use in strips or cut apart for the individual dimples. Again, depending on the design of your bottle, strips can be cut, painted, and used as border edging in your mini garden.
  • Dollhouse miniatures - Mini treasures wiki trash_minis_plastic

    glass — just about everything you buy these days, if it doesn’t come in a box, comes in a rigid plastic «bubble». Don’t throw any of these away without first looking at its potential for «glass». Use in picture frames, for windows in your house, on table & vanity tops, in ponds, or to cover anything to make it shiny. Study them all!!

  • cut out designs from the plastic to make a mobile. You can use the plastic from the clear ones to use as a TV or computer screen.
  • Use a Recycled Plastic Pencil Cap to Make a Dollhouse Miniature Pitcher — from
  • lids from plastic margarine or cottage cheese make great paint palettes and glue dishes. As there is a constant supply do not wash them after use. One use and in the bin, athough fray stop /check and tacky glue dry clear and can be pulled up in a single piece so sometimes the lid can be reused. They are small and easy to take to mini club meetings etc and don’t need to be cleaned up but thrown out at the end of the session. Also good for sorting small beads.

    patterned bottom of juice bottle makes a nice ceiling medallion

  • use the bottom of a 2 litre pop bottle as a paint palette.
  • make a soda bottle dome
  • cut the top from a pop bottle and use as a funnel.
  • pill bottles — Use as a form for baskets and hat making projects. Storage: if the bottle is coloured, use a dab of glue on the top and add the bead or whatnot to indicate what is stored inside. Wrap and store silk ribbon.around the outside to avoid the crease from using card stock. (And it won’t pick up paper acid.) Lids of containers are useful for mixing just a dab of paint. Use for transporting water, the lid is tight, so no spilling. Container for shipping small items. Use a computer and sticker paper to make really dressy, large labels and an old pill bottle becomes a container for exchange gifts and tote bag favors. If the piece is small, use blue Tac to secure it to the lid of the container so it doesn’t rattle around. Use Krylon spray for plastic to turn the bottles into designer storage. Makes a great base coat for anything. There are wonderful gloss paints to jazz it up further. Many of the bottles are the right size to use as forms to mold paper or balsa into a curve to fit as chair backs. Just put a rubber band around it. Sometimes a bottle opening will be the perfect size for a template. Keep a bottle with a top on it on each work surface to store small bits which may be useful later. Cafe table base.

    Save individual plastic holders for butter or jam from the restaurant and use as a kitchen sink, don’t forget to glue on a small metal snap fastener for the drain. For the taps use silver colour cone shaped backings from pierced earrings, and bend a bit of silver wire for the center faucet.

    Need some shelving for your scene? Use those little plastic drawers from the storage cabinets that your husband keeps on his tool bench. Stand them up, add some paper for the «back». the tiny dividers make perfect shelves. Need a long display counter? Place the drawer lengthwise and put in a shelf halfway down (cut a piece of sturdy mat board to fit and support each end, with a small square of mat board. )

  • Save the rigid foam packing that comes packed around small appliances (interesting shapes here). It is easily cut with a bread knife and makes good beds, upholstered chairs, dressing tables etc. It is easy to upholster because you can stretch the fabric smooth and fasten with straight pins out of sight. For beds you can decorate with a fluffy layer of lace around the bottom and build it from there and you have the advantage of cutting the piece to fit the space exactly. For headboards use a piece of heavy cardboard covered with pretty fabric and attached to the wall with double sided carpet tape.
  • cutlery, disposable

    Pickle forks make perfect spindles for staircases

  • Use knives for spreading glue, serrated edge creates faux patterns for furniture paint finishes

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