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Galleries and Slideshows  Support


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Images Galleries and Slideshows

Image galleries on are a great way to share your pictures with your friends, family, and your followers. An image gallery will display a set of small images attached to a particular post or page. Readers can click on any image to launch a full-size carousel that allows them to scroll through the entire gallery one image at a time. With the slideshow option, images will automatically move from one to the next after a few seconds.

Gallery Styles

You have three choices for how a gallery will be displayed in your post: a thumbnail grid layout, a tiled mosaic-style layout, or in a slideshow. All sites default to the thumbnail grid style. You can also style each gallery individually .

Tiled layouts can display in one of three styles: rectangular tiles, square tiles, or circular tiles. Along with looking great, the rectangular and square tiled layouts also have hover-over captions to save space while making captions accessible. (Check out examples of all three layout options in this post .)

To switch to tiled layouts from the default, head over to Settings → Media in your blog’s dashboard, scroll down to “Image Gallery Carousel,” and select the box next to “Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic.” Note that choosing this option makes this layout the default for all your blog’s galleries, including those you’ve previously inserted.

When clicked, gallery images are displayed in a full-size carousel view. which you can customize from the Image Galleries Carousel section of the Media Settings .

Below is an example of an image gallery using the default thumbnail setting. If you click on any of the images you will be able to see what the carousel view looks like:

Alley flowers Avenue St. Stephens Basilica

Ceiling of Széchenyi Baths Széchenyi Chain Bridge Chess set at Vásárcsarnok Market

Nighttime walk Statues Castle Hill Tunnel

Adding a Gallery or Slideshow

  1. Open a post or page for editing. If it is a new post or page, make sure to add a title and save it at least once before trying to insert a gallery or slideshow.
  2. Click the Add Media button.
  • Click Create Gallery at the top left.
  • To add images from your hard drive, drag and drop your files into the box that appears, or click Select Files to choose a picture from your computer to upload.
  • After the images have finished uploading, you will be shown all the images in your Media Library. Select any additional images youd like to include in your gallery or slideshow by clicking on them.

    To select multiple images, command-click (Mac) or control-click (PC) the ones you want to use.

  • Click Create a new gallery at the bottom right.
  • On the following screen, click on each image to edit its title. caption, alternate text, and description. (Only the caption will be displayed for the slideshow gallery type.) You can also click and drag photos to re-order them as you like, or choose the Reverse Order or Random Order options:
  • Choose how you want the gallery to be displayed in the Gallery Settings area:
    Galleries and Slideshows  Support
    • Link to. Does not apply to slideshows.
      • Attachment Page: A specialized page in your blog that shows the image in your selected theme.
      • Media File: A direct link to the full-size uploaded image.
    • Columns. The number of columns of thumbnails to display. This may be affected by your choice of theme, so be sure and test a bit with your current theme. This option does not apply to slideshows.
    • Random Order: Check this box to randomize the order of images in your gallery or slideshow. That means the order will change randomly every time the page is loaded.
    • Type: Specify the type of gallery here. The options are a default gallery of thumbnail images, a gallery with rectangular tiles, a gallery with square tiles, a gallery with circular tiles, or a slideshow.
  • When youve finished editing your gallery, click Insert gallery .

    Editing a Gallery or Slideshow

    1. Open a post or page with a gallery for editing and make sure that you are in the Visual editing mode.
    2. Click on the gallery and then click the Edit Gallery icon that appears.
  • The editing screen is similar to the one displayed when first inserting the gallery. As before, you can drag and drop images to reorder them and edit each images title. alternative text, caption anddescription by clicking on the image.
  • Adjust the Gallery Settings if necessary.
  • Make sure to click the Update gallery button to save your settings and before you try to update any of the other gallery settings.

    Gallery Shortcode

    The gallery shortcode can be used in its simplest form like this (and will display the images attached to the post or page):

    Note that after youve published or updated a post or page including the gallery shortcode, the Visual editor will no longer display the shortcode itself. To edit an already-entered shortcode, simply switch to the Text editor. where you will be able to see and edit the code.

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