Guest Bathroom Now — House Bella

Guest Bathroom Now - House Bella

Guest Bathroom: Now

Now that youve seen the before pictures of the guest bathroom, onto the fun stuff. The now pictures!

Notice I didnt say the after pictures. Because this babys not done yet. But I think its a good start! Lets break it down.

After prepping the room, we (I) painted it Rivers Edge by Behr. And Im not going to lie, it kind of looks like swimming pool tiles. You know, the kind that are in all the YMCAs in the country that were built in the 1970s? But Im cool with it because a) its bright and cheery, b) it looks awesome with our shower curtain and c) I smile everytime I walk inside. Which is pretty amazing feat for a bathroom. The paint is a semigloss because the bathroom is so small that it really traps a lot of moisture.

Like in the master bedroom, I did funky trim. This time, because the room is so small, I pulled the ceiling color down onto the walls instead of visa versa. It opens up the room a bit by giving the illusion of a higher ceiling.

After the paint was done (do you know how hard it is to paint behind a toilet?) I set Mike on the task of dealing with our existing fixtures. Because brand new fixtures werent necessary (and I like to save a little money by reusing, if possible), he spraypainted everything in oil rubbed bronze. By everything I mean the shower curtain rod, the toilet roll holder, and the light fixture.

I know. Its not the prettiest light fixture in the world. But it serves its purpose well, and I dont find it all together offensive. Like I do other light fixtures in the house.

The vanity is super narrow barely fitting the sink so finding a mirror was a particular challenge. We looked all over the place, but they were all too wide, or too ornate for our tastes. We decided to go with three 12 inch square beveled mirrors .

They are stuck on with heavy duty 3M mounting tape. Theyve been up for four months without incident (phew).

Behind the door I mounted one of my cooler thrift store finds to date, this iron hook hanging rack.

Its perfect for hand and body towels.

The three different sized shadow boxes above the toilet were a TJ Maxx find. Im not quite sure what to put in them yet.

The shower curtain is from Target, and I love its bold colors and fun design. You can also see in the shot above the spraypainted shower curtain, looking snazzy.

Guest Bathroom Now - House Bella

So we were looking to create a fun little bathroom, and I think were well on our way to making it happen. A few more things that need to be done :

  • replace the floor with these charcoal Marmoleum tiles
  • artwork for above the towel rack

Im thinking of painting the vanity. Im not in love with oak look, and its so small that itd be pretty easy. Probably white. Thoughts?

Im also itching to do something about the vanity countertop. I know its teeny tiny, and barely noticeable, but its the same Formica we have in the kitchen. and I despise it. What would you do?

Because I love a little before and after action, heres a recap.

What do you think? What would you have done differently? Would you paint the vanity and obsess over the tiny bit of ugly countertop like me?

P/S keep up with the guest bathroom and all the rooms on Flickr !

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