Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kit Hampton Bay Guide

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kit Hampton Bay Guide

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Hampton Bay offers a lot of options and not all can be covered at once. This article will discuss one of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans’ great additions: Light Kits. Light kits are customization options available for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans. It provides lighting for fan models that don’t have any yet. Their main goal is to give you your needs in the best way and in your style.

Light kits come in different shapes and sizes, but they all offer certain things. For one, all light kits follow with Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan models in that they are durable while being appealing as well. Models will also be Energy Star compliant in order to increase power while saving energy. Light kits also use the Quick Connect installation method just like the fans, hence they are easily attached to the models you may already own or plan on buying. Picking your own light kits also allows you to spend they way you want. Home Depot offers great deals for light kits so that they are affordable to the average person.

Some Great Light Kit Models

To demonstrate the variety and kinds of light kits available, here are a few samples:

Hampton Bay 2-Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit

As one of the simplest and most basic of the light kits, this option is made of fine white alabaster glass and fits with most fan models. The Hampton Bay 2-Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit consists of a pull chain switch and four white finials to help with color matching. Its elegant design makes it more appreciated indoors and will blend with any fan model since it doesn’t follow a single motif entirely.

Progress Lighting Torino Collection 3-Light Forged Bronze Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Casual and rustic, the Torino Collection of Hampton Bay Light Kits boasts a metal frame with bronze finishes as well as a round amber shade with unique texture of tea-stained glass. It uses 3 40-watt candelabra light bulbs making its light spread throughout the entire room but in a soft, intimate manner radiating warmth.

Hampton Bay Palm Beach 1-Light Gilded Iron Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Unlike the two versions mentioned above, the Palm Beach Gilded Iron Light Kit works best in outdoor areas such as the patio. The gilded iron that surrounds the light adds protection and durability to this customization option. It also has the unique feature of water protection, keeping it undamaged in dew, rain and snow.

Purchasing a  Light Kit for Your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Since light kits are not originally part of your fan model, you may have dilemmas on deciding on what kind of light kit to purchase. Though most fan models will already have features to add a light kit, you can always check for details on your model to make sure. Here are some tips upon deciding that you want light kits for your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan:

What are your needs?

First and foremost, ask yourself why you are purchasing a light kit. Is it for better illumination indoors or outside? Do you need a strong light or a dim one? Does the activities you do need light almost all the time or is it one that is only used occasionally?

This way, you will have set out a list of things you’ll be hunting for among the light kits. Home Depot’s website gives you an assortment of light kits and this includes their features as well. Before you go to the retail store itself, you can jot down what models could possibly be options because of what they can offer you.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kit Hampton Bay Guide

Determine what goes with your model

As mentioned, try as much as possible to find out whether your ceiling fan can use light kits of all kinds or if it is limited to a few light kits only. This will more likely or not narrow down your options for easier choosing. Aside from that, consider the size of your fan. Proportions are going to matter. A light kit too large and heavy for your fan may cause imbalance and even wobbling.

Also consider what kind of fan you have. Outdoor, indoor, possibly both? You probably don’t want a delicate indoor light hanging on your sturdy patio fan when the weather gets rough. Take these things into consideration and you just might find yourself a match.

Follow manuals and ask for support

With installment features like Quick Connect, it’ll easily come to mind that you will want to assemble the light kit yourself. If you are to do so, make sure that you follow manual instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary damage. If you are worried about relying on yourself, you can trust the support of Home Depot and Hampton Bay in lending you a hand. If it is possible, you can ask for a sample demonstration of setting up your fan as well as testing it.

Light kits are a great way of improving ceiling fans and they will definitely brighten your home in the physical and metaphorical sense. Just take into consideration the things mentioned here and you might be on your way to finding the perfect light kit for your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan.

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