Olympic Premium Ceiling Paint — All Colors Consumer Reviews Painting Ceilings Requires Premium

Olympic Premium Ceiling Paint - All Colors Consumer Reviews Painting Ceilings Requires Premium

Painting Ceilings Requires Premium Ceiling Paint and A Stash of NSAID

Pros: Did not drip, one-coat coverage, did not splatter, no odor

Cons: Not tintable for other colors, only available in ceiling white

The Bottom Line: Olympic Premium Ceiling Paint did exactly what I wanted it to do and did it with style but they only offer one color of white.

Grab four or five heavy-duty, really big drop cloths, a long extension handle for the roller, miles of painters masking tape and naproxen its paint-the-ceiling time. Well, actually it was paint-the-ceiling time last fall and hopefully this job wont be repeated for many, many years to come. Our new ceilings look just fine. As it turned out the job wasnt as horrible as anticipated, although my neck required a few days and a few beers for recovery. Wall painting is fun, creative, and dramatic ceiling painting is not a recreational diversion.

My paint-of-choice turned out to be Olympic Premium Ceiling Paint in their only color Ceiling White there werent a lot of options in town. The white was a non-descript bright white fortunately very similar to the existing ceiling color.

Olympic Premium Ceiling Paint flat latex is available in gallon and five gallon sizes. It is a low odor (zero VOCs), stain resistant, thick one-coat, low splatter paint. A one-gallon can covers 350 to 400 square feet on a primed, smooth, non-porous surface (drywall, plaster, wood trim, non-metallic wallpaper, masonry, and metal). Its specifically designed for ceilings.

My heavily textured ceiling (the texture covered ancient water damage on our old house) required nearly two gallons to cover 440 square feet. The color selection nearly matched the existing paint which made it easy to cover but difficult to determine where I started and stopped and what was missed.

You want thick paint that covers the first time and that doesnt drip, especially if you are working around a lot of furniture. I had to struggle with working around typical bulky bedroom furniture as well as an occasional dog. The room was plastered with drop cloth and I only slipped once. The roller managed to swipe one bedpost as I regained my balance. The mishap was easy to clean and the overall mess was minimal — the paint remained on the ceiling and the roller and there werent any drips (none ) on the cloth, floor, walls, furniture, me or dogs.

Clean Up and Drying Time

Unless youre painting over a drastically different color one coat will be sufficient. Use warm soapy water to clean your brush and rollers. I tend to use disposable liners for my roller pan, but keep those until I know Im thoroughly finished with the color I just applied. This dries to the touch in one hour and second coats (if necessary) require a four-hour wait. Dont wash this for at least two weeks.

My Next Ceiling Paint Job Perhaps Ill Advertise

A one gallon can cost $16.50. Ive just learned (today) that my favorite paint provider, Valspar, carries two ceiling paints, one tintable and one that goes on purple but dries white. Both cost slightly less than the Olympic Premium Ceiling Paint and while this is a quality ceiling paint I would use again, the indicator purple sounds like a terrific idea worth trying.

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