Removing Mold from Shower Walls ThriftyFun

Removing Mold from Shower Walls ThriftyFun

Removing Mold from Shower Walls

Mold growing anywhere in your house can be dangerous and should be removed. Given the humidity in your bathroom its an easy place for mold to grow and spread. This guide is about cleaning and removing mold from your shower walls.

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Solutions: Removing Mold from Shower Walls

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Tip: Lemons For Mold Removal

The only solution for getting rid of mold in the bathroom on tile, tub, or any other hard or porous surface is lemons or lemon juice. I recently read where someone had thought bleach was the answer. At one time so did I, until I had children.

Being «concerned» with money and being green, someone suggested lemons or lemon juice. Lemon has been used for centuries. However, concern with the environment, what chemicals contaminate our water, plant life, animals, and humans got me thinking. After researching and experimenting, using natural, less expensive products fit my life style better. I chose lemons. My first stop was the bathroom.

I took a lemon wedge, rubbed it in the corner where tile meets the porcelain tub, and ran it up and down over the caulking. I let it sit about 15 minutes, checking it about halfway through (at which time you can reapply). I rinsed the tub then cleaned it as usual. The tub was clean!

This cleaning method can be used on many different things. Recently while preparing for a garage sale, I noticed the antique highchair which was being sold was growing mold. Immediately, I remembered the lemon juice. I grabbed my spray bottle that I used for cleaning the bathrooms and spayed the highchair. You would never want to use bleach or other chemicals where a baby was going to be eating. However the lemon juice worked great, removing all of the mold. Lemon juice left this antique in its original condition. Next time you see mold anywhere in your house before using something toxic or expensive, grab a lemon!

When using on porous items, wipe away immediately. If necessary reapply.

By Mistie from Baton Rouge, LA

Tip: Use X-14 For Removing Mold and Mildew

When I went to re-caulk my tub over spring break (yes, my life is that exciting!), I went into my local neighborhood hardware store to gather supplies. The ever-helpful employees shared with me their favorite way of getting rid of the mold and mildew after scraping out the old caulk and replacing it with new caulk: X-14. Yes, it’s incredibly caustic, but it does the job like nothing else I’ve ever tried!

I sprayed everything down, turned to the sink to wet my sponge and by the time I turned back, everything resembling mold, mildew, or soap scum was gone. You do need to be very careful not to inhale these fumes. I personally open the window, turn on the fan, hold my breath, spray the X-14 where needed and run for the hills! I just hope nobody’s watching me while I’m using this product. ) If you’re desperate to clean up the tub, X-14 is the answer.

Tip: Krud Kutter

Krud Kutter will remove the mold overnight! Just spray on the surface and let it stand overnight. I get water in my garage when the rain is heavy and mold forms on the dry wall and the wood frame it sits on. I spray the Krud Kutter on and the next day, mold is gone! Now I have to spray only 2-3 times a year! Buy it at Lowes for about $13 a gallon. Works wonders on most everything else, very little smell, and doesnt irritate my very sensitive skin. Cleans everything from tar off vehicle, to burned on food in a pan! Really great to have around!

Tip: Hydrogen Peroxide

Please dont use bleach! It is very caustic. Instead, buy a 32 oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide and buy and empty 32 oz sprayer bottle at Wal Mart. Remove the sprayer head and place on the hydrogen peroxide bottle and spray. It kills mold. You should also use this anywhere you want to disinfect in the home, like bathroom and kitchen counter tops. Just as good as bleach, completely safe to use. Bleach is very caustic and it should never touch your skin!

By Jim in Jax

Tip: Use Bleach For Removing Mold

Removing Mold from Shower Walls ThriftyFun

A very easy way to remove mold from the corner of bath tub wall is explained here. Have the Clorox bleach, not the bathroom cleaner, but the laundry bleach, in a small paper cup and pour this on the mold and around the tub corner. Leave it 10 minutes and then rinse the place with water. Then do the regular cleaning with your bathroom cleaner. You will get amazing results.

You can put the bleach in the spray bottles and spray on the shower walls. Then rinse with water. Then do the regular cleaning.

Concentrate on a small area at a time time, because the bleach has a heavy smell. Be careful about getting it on your hands and in your eyes. Do open the door and window.

By chellammal from Alpharetta, GA

Tip: Clean Mold With Bleach

Bleach kills mold but you need to find out why it’s there in the first place and do something to prevent or it’ll come back. I’d use something like Soft Scrub which has bleach in it to really clean first and then spray with straight bleach (open the window!) and let this set for as long as you can. Rinse well.

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Question: Mold on Our Shower Walls and Ceiling

We have mold on the walls above our shower. Whats the best way to remove the mold and to prevent it from coming back?

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