Spirit Gardens creating space for insight and healing

Cleansing Rain

Garden Diamond

September 7, 2009 by Jen

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(You may want a pen and paper for this journey)

You gently enter the spirit garden. Its a fresh evening with a full moon as you glide through the entrance. You close your eyes and breathe in the mist and scent of the night. Glowing to your upper right out of the corner of your eye, is a faint thread of light. You follow it and as you follow it, the light changes colors, notice what colors it changes for you. Does the color stay or transform? You can make a note of these colors for yourself. As you follow the light trail, you glide along paths of stone and water. A bridge leads you through a curtain of light where on the other side is the beginnings of an exquisite mountain trail. You feel your feet on the ground and the path a different texture. Looking down the colors maybe unclear, but you notice it is now pebbles and they glisten in the moonlight.

The thread of light still leads you. It now pulls you as if from your heart center. You allow yourself to follow the tug as you continue on the mountain path. Small shrubs and flowers line the path. While you may sense others in spirit with you on this path, you are invisible to all and they are invisible to you. Everyone is on their own path just as you are. The spirit gardens are designed for complete privacy and peace. Nothing and no one can disturb you here. You feel completely safe as your light leads you and the glowing moon soothes you.

As you continue gliding along, if it hadnt already, your weight shifts to being light. A gentle coolness flows through you. Now you are arriving into a pine forested area. The smell is deep and nurturing. Pine needles cover the pathway, but it is still distinct. The trail is lined with large stones. You notice some of the stones have words written on them. What words do you see? Notice 1-5 words, the first words that come to your mind and write them down. Let go of them and continue on your path.

Just around a corner on the right side of the trail, you are drawn to a cave with a stone door. Little do you know there are a neighborhood of various types of homes around you, all hidden in spirit and nature with others visiting as well. Your cave entrance is lit with bright candles and decorated as if it were someones home. Just above the door hangs a sign with the word welcome followed by your name. This cave was created just for you. Feel that it appears in your taste and style in decoration and feel. Warm and comforting, you open the door and step inside. It is like your own home. You close the door behind you just as if it were your own home. You can lock the door if you feel more comfortable that way. As you look around the cave you notice the ceiling is fairly high and you have a fair amount of space. Much more than you ever imagined looking at it from the outside. It is well lit with furniture and decorations all to your taste. It is simple and uncluttered, clean and well-kept. You are drawn to the other end of the cave where there is what appears to be a circular opening in the floor. Its not a hole. Its about the size of a fire-pit, and is about an inch below the rest of the floor. In the very middle of this circular area on the ground, is a diamond shaped crystal set perfectly in the floor as if the floor were like clay and molded to the shape.

This crystal diamond belongs to you. It was made for you and is completely yours. Pick it up gently with both of your hands, feel it is as light as a feather. Close your eyes for a moment, feel your hands are actually empty, now open them again and see the crystal diamond in your hands, barely able to feel them because its nature is so pure and clear, it is so light. Hold this crystal to your chest and feel the radiance of it envelop you. Every darkness inside of you, every fear, worry and doubt completely disappears. Feel the diamond is a reflection of your own center of being and yourself. Feel your whole body fill with this feeling. When the feeling is familiarized, you can now put the crystal diamond back in its place and relax in that state.

When you are ready to end your journey, all you now have to do is touch your right hand to your heart feeling that radiance throughout and close your eyes. When you open them, you are back at the entrance of the spirit garden.

www.crystalinks.com/colors.html. The words are definitely your own to find meaning from. They will reflect your mind at that time as a mirror. What do you notice about the words you chose? Interpret from a positive view point always to assist in growth.*

Spirit Gardens

August 31, 2009 by Jen


Imagine the sun just came up as you are walking up a stone pathway lined with multicolored flowers and thick healthy green grass with the scent of dew permeating your way. You approach the entrance through a 3 foot high stone wall delicately laced with flowering vines.

As you step through your eyes widen taking in the full view of a labyrinth of gardens. Fruit trees, bushes, ponds, critters and flowers sparkling from the mist as it rises with the sun.

Cool wisps of light and colors glide past you and around the gardens. A rainbow of mist twirls around you and you dissolve into a transparent wispy cloud yourself. Light and cool you can now swoop around anywhere you look. As if flying or simply walk around as you normally do. Whenever you are ready to leave, you can call the rainbow and wisp back into your normal self again and arrive at the entrance. These are the spirit gardens.

Here you can renew and refresh yourself. It is private, it is your own.

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