This Linkable Suspended Sign Grid Includes a Chain Kit for Easy Installation! Each Holder is

(9) 11 x 17 Ceiling Sign Holders with Chains and S Hooks — Clear Acrylic


Suspended Sign Displays Hang from the Ceiling -

(9) 11″w x 17″h Frames & (6) 60″ Hanging Chains

These suspended sign systems include acrylic frames and a ceiling mount kit. The hanging hardware kit comes with toggle bolts for use in lathe and plaster ceilings, brackets for use with drop-support ceilings, s-hooks and 60″l chains. This suspended sign that hangs from the ceiling is ideal for use in retail stores, office buildings, banks, hotels and even warehouses. The poster frame top-loads, and showcases an 11″ x 17″ print. Simply load two posters back-to-back if the suspended sign grid that is double-sided will be place in a location where customers will view it from multiple vantage points. Each frame is made from a single panel of folded 1/8″ thick acrylic. This suspended sign display coordinates with any setting as a result of the frameless acrylic construction of the poster holder.

These poster holders have a matrix configuration ideal for use in storefront windowsr. The modular design of each suspended sign allows other frames the same size to link with s-hooks. Users have the option to form custom configurations of poster holders to meet individualized needs when choosing this series of office signs, which makes this ceiling-mounted signage very popular among a wide range of businesses. In addition to the ability to create custom poster frame arrangements, this series of hanging signage is preferred by many users due to its’ affordability. The combination of an affordable acrylic construction, hanging hardware and modular design makes this ceiling-mounted signage an incredible value!

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Framing is an important part of any in-store signage. This economical suspended sign is hung using the included lengths of chain. Retail displays and suspended sign fixtures are being offered at affordable prices in our online catalog. We sell reasonably priced store fixtures to better meet the display needs of our customers. Whether you’re outfitting a brand new retail store, or updating existing store fixtures, these suspended sign and retail displays are bound to fit in your budget. These suspended sign fixtures and retail displays are ideal for displaying a variety of retail goods, including clothes, sporting goods, literature, CD»s and DVD»s. No matter what type of retail store you have, these office sign store fixtures are exactly what you need to display your products for sale.

These Suspended Sign Displays Hang from the Ceiling -

(9) 11″w x 17″h Frames & (6) 60″ Hanging Chains fixtures are affordably priced, in stock and ready to ship. As some of our best selling store fixtures, these hanging sign, hanging signage, suspended office sign, suspended office signs, suspended sign, suspended signs and store fixtures are ideal display solutions. Hanging Signage in Multiple Matrixes Come in Many Iterations products are also perfect for use in a type of retail store, such as sporting goods stores, shoe stores or even clothing stores. In addition to these ceiling, custom, hanging, office sign, signage and store fixtures, we also sell a wide variety of other affordable retail display products as well. With thousands of store fixtures to choose from, we’re sure to have the ceiling suspended sign fixtures you need to create your retail displays. Custom displays and store fixtures are in stock and ready to ship to you today. Order online now!

The key to any successful retail store is organization and presentation. Well-organized retail displays are more likely to attract customers» attention, and lure them in to peruse your displayed products. Eye-catching presentations can entice customers to come into your store, even from afar. Sign Holders — Countertop, Floor Standing & Price Clips, including hanging sign fixtures, will keep your products organized and displayed in an attention-demanding way. These Suspended Sign Displays Hang from the Ceiling -

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