Track Lighting Systems Guide

Track Lighting Systems Guide

Which System is Right for Me?

Basic Track Kit

  • Most user friendly
  • Installed directly to ceiling with screws
  • May be dropped using suspensions
  • Slide fixture onto track and add end caps
  • Uses power feedi.e. a floating canopy connector or live end connector

Monorail Track

  • Suspended by standoffs every 30 to 36 inches
  • Track Lighting Systems Guide
  • Ceiling-mounted power feed canopy is one standoff
  • Height must be uniform for system
  • Adjustable and rigid standoffs allow up to 8 feet of custom track height adjustment
  • Power extenders are used with longer ceiling drips to extend power to system

Suspended Monorail

  • Hand-bendable to make the style and shape you want
  • 90 degree flexible connectors
  • End caps supplied with rail for a finished look

Two-Circuit Monorail

  • Two tracks in one system
  • Can separate fixtures onto separate switches
  • Example: track system with pendants and spot lights can be assigned to separate circuits to switch on light fixture of your choice
  • Look and design of monorail
  • Uses larger 120 fixtures
  • Hand-bendable line voltage system
  • Requires power feed standoff
  • Low voltage fixtures may be installed to the system using a transformer track adaptor
  • Cannot be mounted flush to the ceiling
  • Look like floating lights
  • Unique system featuring parallel low-voltage cables designed to disappear
  • Cables are tightened between 2 rigid surfaces using anchors and turnbuckles
  • Can a span a distance up to 20 feet without additional support
  • Create turns and change directions at any angle
  • Suspend the fixture wall-to-wall or on any ceiling

Track Systems Power

Transformer Details

  • Power feed with built-in transformer or surface transformer mount directly to the ceiling and are typically apart of a canopy
  • Remote transformer has the power feed away from the installation source. Typically, these systems are suspended or the junction box is not near the installation site.

Designing Track System Layouts

  • Draw a layout of your desired track layout for the room it will be installed.
  • Choose the system based upon the application you decide.
  • Choose your lights and location on the system.
  • Determine the total feet of track in the system and add up the wattage.
  • Choose between track heads and pendants or a combination of them both.
  • Note: Remember that each manufacturer is different. We have a great customer service center for by calling (800)375-3410. We highly recommend that you consult an electrician when installing track lighting.
  • Yes
  • 1 light per 1 foot of track
  • Line voltage limit to 1900 watts
  • Low voltage needs a transformer and no more than 300 watts
  • Multiple low-voltage systems installed together with separate power supplies
  • Dual feed transformer can increase wattage to 600 from a single power source

2. Can you mix and match different manufacturer’s systems?

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