Under Deck Ceiling Options Under Deck Ceilings

Under Deck Ceiling Options Under Deck Ceilings

Under Deck Ceilings

Under Deck Ceiling Options

Most decks are elevated outdoor spaces that are constructed for people to make the most of sunlight and air without them going too far out of doors. This flat platform structure is built without much thought to the area under it, the under deck. That is, until now. Under deck ceiling systems are specifically designed for just that undervalued area below this platform.

In the kind of specialized ceiling system we are discussing, moisture and water that would most likely seep through to the deck floors will be drained out. This is done with the use of built in gutters and channels in the ceiling itself. Water will then be directed towards spouts or simple drainage systems, away from the area below. Thus, what was once a wet, damp, musty, and unusable area will be miraculously transformed. We now have a dry, light, outdoor space ready for anything.

The material for this kind of ceiling is made out of waterproof vinyl or aluminum. These are shaped as corrugated sheets or panels. They are designed to snap-on to the under deck’s joists for easy installation. A handyman could do it with the right tools. There are also professional builders who specialize in this kind of construction projects.

For designers, decorators, or homeowners who believe that looks are just as important; there are designs to choose from. Before under deck ceiling systems were developed, the only choice was corrugated fiberglass. Now there are other types of waterproof and weatherproof material. These come in different colors, finishes, surfaces, and textures. Functionality and style can go hand in hand, and it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Therefore, one can choose what to do with the extra space.

It could be transformed into a homey sort of room, or an industrial type or workshop type space. It could be made to look like a children’s play place, where most of the roughhousing can be done. This would keep the indoors free from the usual clutter of toys and such. An outdoor space could also be a relaxing spot, where one could unwind with some fresh air and a good view of the outdoors. Here, you will be protected from the rain and other elements while still enjoying the benefits of an al fresco atmosphere.

The practical benefits of under deck ceiling systems would be:

Under Deck Ceiling Options Under Deck Ceilings
  • In the future, you will feel the practical benefits as the house appreciates in value due to this added space.
  • You will be reaping the health benefits of an environmentally and ecologically friendly house that make good use of living spaces, a good indoor to outdoor design, and that have less impact on the renovation method in the search for more space.
  • Economical, as this type of renovation is friendlier to the pocket than a new wing or an added room to a house.
  • Right now, at this moment in time, you will feel benefited by enjoying more space to move, to enjoy the view, to feel the outdoors in a relaxing indoor atmosphere, and by marveling at the possibilities of this heretofore underestimated spot in your house.

There are many uses and benefits to under deck ceilings for your home. You can also enclose your space under your deck to make it more usable through the entire year.

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