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Your Morning Dump..Where Boston Is Ranked On U25 Talent

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The Celtics youth movement has me less than enthused: While Bradley is a high-level defender and an improved shooter, if hes not at his ceiling now, hes not far from it. Similarly, Sullinger seems pigeonholed as a solid backup big, but lacking the size or athleticism to grow his game anymore. Zeller and Olynyk are both finesse bigs better suited playing alongside a defensive stalwart big (which the Cs dont have), and I still have reservations about how Smarts game will translate to the pro level.

Yeah, yeah I know-another day, another ESPN preseason ranking that probably doesnt mean much in the grand scheme of things. ESPNs Amin Elhassan put together his second annual ranking of NBA teams based on their under-25 talent. Out of the 30 NBA teams, Boston was ranked 22nd.

Nine of the seventeen players (eighteen once Evan Turner signs) currently on Bostons roster are twenty-five or younger. As far as veteran leadership goes, youve got Rondo and Gerald Wallace as far as Im concerned. Sure, you got Brandon Bass who has quite a bit of playoff experience at this point in his career, but hes just not the vocal type. Hed prefer to lead by example with his toughness. (Bass has missed just one game over the past two seasons) And while Wallace wasnt always a fan favorite with some of his soapbox type rants last season, he definitely was a needed voice during a season where no one knew which way was up sometimes.

Not sure how much I agree with Elhassans opinion on Celtics rookie Marcus Smart. Elhassan says that he has reservations on how well Smarts transition to the NBA game will be. From what I saw in college and this years Summer League, I personally think Smart is going to be just fine. He has the strength, athletic ability and skill to compete at the NBA level now. The only thing that could hold him back will be just how much playing time he gets. The Celtics are not known for giving rooks oodles of PT, and Boston already has a bevy of guards on the roster. As camp starts, and Brad Stevens and his staff get a good look at Smart in the preseason, things will start to clear up a bit more as far as who will get the bulk of the minutes.

On Page 2,Wyc says Rondo is stubborn

Celtics Owner Wyc Grousbeck was a guest on WBZs Sports Final the other night, and while there he dished on the upcoming season and of course Rajon Rondo. I personally did not see the show, but had these quotes from the interview:

“He’s super stubborn,” revealed Grousbeck, adding Rondo is a good, generous kid who loves being in Boston. “I don’t know how coachable he really is.

“I know if you ask [former, long-time head coach] Doc [Rivers]. ‘Was he the most coachable guy, or in the top half, 50 percent,’ he’d say, ‘No, he’s in the bottom 50 percent of being coachable.’ It’s hard with him,” Grousbeck continued.

While this is the first time I can remember Celtics brass saying the captain is not coachable, everyone and their mama knows hes on his own page. He has an extremely dry sense of humor, is a perfectionist and not always so amicable with the media. But when he laces up his kicks and gets out on the floor, hes an amazing player, a floor general and an extremely talented athlete. And that is what matters most.

Some could say Wyc is slowly starting to distance himself, as the Cs prepare to move the point god near this seasons trade deadline. Or hes simply being honest and not holding anything back-which Grousbeck has been known to do. Speaking of number nine.

Page 2A, Rondo buys a condo in Miami

Oh the naysayers and Rondo-haters are going to have a field day overreacting to this one. I can hear them now: Hes blowing town to play for the Heat. blah, blah blah. According to the South Florida Business Journal. Rajon recently purchased a condo at the prestigious Paramount Bay in the Edgewater section of Miami. He shelled out just over $1 mil. for the swanky spot. Cant blame him for wanting a secondary crib in a warm weather climate, and what better place than the tropical playground that is South Florida.

Hopefully, Rondo stays true to this claim he made last summer:

Finally, Darko to become pro kickboxer

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