5 Minute Light Upgrade — Converting a Recessed Light to a Pendant — Pretty Handy Girl

5 Minute Light Upgrade - Converting a Recessed Light to a Pendant - Pretty Handy Girl

5 Minute Light Upgrade Converting a Recessed Light to a Pendant

This post really should be titled: How to convert a can light in 5 minutes or less (if you arent shooting tutorial photos every 30 seconds), and why did it take me 6 months to do this?!  But, that would be a looooonnggggg title. Ill spare you the extra word count and just get right down to it.

Do you have can (or recessed) lights in your ceiling? Do you have enough to have a full line up of gals doing the can can?

Yup, thats what we have, a full half dozen cans in the bonus room ceiling. I decided to break up the monotony with a little lighting rebel: meet my new bronze sphere cage pendant light .

She kicked up the WOW factor in this room in a matter of minutes! (Get it? Kickedcan can. I know, my sense of humor is bad. But, my tutorial should hopefully convince you to forgive me.)


1. Remove the light bulb from your recessed light fixture.

2. Measure the height (from the ceiling) that you would like your pendant light to hang. (side note: Because this fixture will be over our craft table, I chose a height slightly lower than if I was installing it where we would walk underneath.)

3. Loosen the compression nut from the canopy on your light kit.

4. Pull the cord through the canopy until the light fixture will hang at your preferred height. Wind the excess cord tightly around spindle bracket on the adapter.

5. Screw the adapter into the light bulb socket exactly like screwing in a light bulb.

6. Raise the canopy until it is flush against the ceiling. Screw the compression nut back onto the canopy until it is snug.

7. Remove the socket ring (and shipping cardboard ring.) Slide the shade, globe or decorative cover over the socket. Replace the socket ring.

8. Screw in a pretty light bulb.

Side note: I have been buying these halogen bulbs for the fixtures that you an see the bulb. They use less energy (not as little as an LED or CFL) but still look pretty.

9. Bam! Stop your timer. Okay, I know it says six minutes, thirty seconds and not five minutes, but I mentally subtracted the time it took to snap photos and to re-adjust the light to a higher height. Therefore, I feel confident that you can replace your can light in five minutes or less.

10. Admire your new beautiful pendant light.

What do you think? The kids like the pattern it makes on the ceiling. They think I did it on purpose for Halloween since it looks like a giant spider on the ceiling and wall. I just nodded, yes, of course!

Are you keeping up with all the changes Ive made in the bonus room on its path to being converted into an art & craft studio? No? Well, get crackin, here are the details:

Later Alligator! Ill be back after a while Crocodile.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Worth Home Products sent me the pendant light to try (ages ago!)  And then they waited patiently for months — and they wondered if I didnt like the kit but was afraid to tell them so. In all honesty I was too swamped to install it, not realizing it would only take six minutes to install and photograph!

I accept complimentary DIY related products for product reviews. The products I dont like usually dont make it on the blog, so if you see a product here, you know I like it! I will be honest with you in my reviews. Cool?!

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