Acoustic Ceiling Tiles & Panels, Suspended Ceilings, Strip Ceiling

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles & Panels, Suspended Ceilings, Strip Ceiling

Discover the ACS Product Range

Discover our innovative and technically advanced range of metal acoustic ceiling tiles and panels, wall claddings, sun louvers, ventilation, suspended ceilings and framing systems.

Full specifications. acoustic ratings and CAD drawings for a wide range of our standard products are available on this site.

Contact our design team for assistance with development of specialised products suited to your building project, for further information or project references.

The following is an overview of our product range.

Armstrong Range at ACSFind out more

ACS distributes the full range of Armstrong ceiling tiles and acoustic building products. Armstrong acoustic ceiling tiles are made from quality materials and are suited for any commercial building project. A leader in sustainability, Armstrong ceiling tiles are Ecospecifier certified.

  • Mineral fibre tile — Armstrong mineral fibre ceiling tiles are a great commercial solution to enhance the interior of any building project.
  • Metal ceilings — Select from the comprehensive Armstrong metal ceilings tile range at ACS with designs and systems to suit any commercial project.
  • Suspended ceilings — Select from Armstrong’s suspended ceilings range for commercial buildings including Blue Tongue aluminium, Peakform steel suspended grid ceilings, and Axiom perimeter and pelmet solutions.

Find Armstrong ceiling tiles specifications on our technical support page.

A no gaps, fine hole perforated, flat linear panel system in colorbond or clear lacquered Zincalume. Perforation: 2ø diagonal @ 6.5 crs; total coated thickness: 0.6; open area: 16%.

Linear Acoustic SystemsFind out more

ACS linear strip ceiling products have redefined ceiling design and construction. The new generation of ACS linear strip ceiling products includes:

    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles & Panels, Suspended Ceilings, Strip Ceiling
  • Ministrip broadline — Economical acoustic ceilings, the ministrip has a low profile, open style with a 75mm module available in a selection of finishes.
  • Alumacoust Mk1 — A prestige linear system, the Mk1 has a bold convex face panel profile with a 100mm open style module offering non-perforated or perforated options. A fully sealed acoustic or non acoustic option is available for humid or wet area environments including indoor swimming pools.
  • Alumacoust Mk2 — An alternative to common profiles, the Mk2 provides a stylish appearance in either aluminium or Zincalume.
  • Miniclosed — A closed, low profile linear system for external canopies, walkways, eave linings and wind lobbies. The face panel can be removed and replaced at any stage providing total access to the roof zone. Perforated panels are available for passive sound absorption.
  • Linear 5 — classically styled with crisp, sharp lines. Available in two base metals — Aluminium or Zincalume and is a 100mm open style module.
  • Forms — A distinctive profile with a 22mm deep face panel and 75mm open style module. This product can be integrated with the mini strip profile on the same carrier rail to provide a contrast of low to high profiles in any combination.
  • Spac Deckform — Ideal for security installations, Spac Deckform is an inaccessible system designed for resistance to vandalism and abuse. Each panel face interlocks and is supported with an internal carrier system providing a flat, monolithic appearance.


A new range of perforated and unperforated acoustic ceilings, with a turn-of-the-century corrugated metal look. Our state of the art roll and perforation tooling provides long lengths of panel product. Other benefits include concealed fixing, minimal end joints and decorative finishes.

ICE Metal Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Find out more

Aesthetically pleasing, durable and accessible these lightweight metal acoustic ceiling tiles will not sag, chip, break, crack or burn. These long life products fit with a range of accessories and are suited to office buildings, show rooms, universities and schools, police stations, fast food outlets, hospitals and day care centres. ICE metal acoustic ceiling tiles integrate with most lighting and air conditioning systems. Available in 1200X600, 600X600, 1200X400, 1200X300 tiles.

Metal Wall and Fascia CladdingFind out more

Deckform and Profile 230 make up the standard metal wall and fascia cladding range. The Deckform heavy duty cladding system provides a flat, smooth surface for signage or sign writing. Profile 230 offers vertical or horizontal panel aspect installations for retail, commercial and industrial applications.

Audibar Sound Barrier

The Audibar is an engineered accessible sound barrier ceiling system for use in privacy rooms, interview rooms and similar areas where room to room sound transmission (CAC) is an important requirement. The system features manageable panels with easy access to services in the ceiling.

Other ACS products include:

  • Sun Control — Sun Louvre Systems
  • Partitioning Stud and Track
  • Suspended Concealed Metal Furring Systems
  • One Way Exposed Suspended Tee Bar Grid Systems
  • Two Way Exposed Suspended Tee Bar Grid Systems

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