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Affordable Home Refresh - Home

Affordable Home Refresh is a company focused on updating and modernizing a dated or distressed property to facilitate a sale or rental in a competitive market.

A property for sale or rent needs to compete against it’s peers for the buyer or renter and suffers the longer it’s on the market. Carpet and paint do wonders but a dated or distressed property needs more than that to compete because those are the easy things and likely done by the competitors. We examine a property and using our detail oriented experience in renovating properties, we identify and rectify all items that could possibly make a buyer/renter look elsewhere.

Some of the items we look for and replace upon request during a refresh

  • Replace faded and painted over electrical outlets and switches with bright white replacements
  • Affordable Home Refresh - Home
  • Replace brass interior door knobs and hinges with brushed nickle replacements
  • Replace torn and broken mini blinds
  • Replace cracked or mildewed caulking around tubs and counter tops
  • Replace/fix loose or dated bathroom towel bars, shower bars, toilet paper holders, mirrors etc.
  • Replace brass faucets in kitchens and baths with new brushed nickle replacements
  • Replace all toilet seats with soft closing plastic seats, all toilet innards for leak free operation
  • Replace broken or dated ceiling fans
  • Replace entry locks and front door kick plate with brushed nickle
  • Replace brass light fixtures, inside and outside, with brushed nickle
  • Caulk and paint garage doors
  • Cut grass and repair yards with new sod and mulch beds
  • Pressure wash and repair decks and backyard fences
  • Repair damaged drywall
  • Replace the carpet
  • Paint the property including front doors and shutters
  • Replace old counter tops with granite
  • Replace old appliances with stainless steel
  • Have the property professionally deep cleaned including the tubs/showers
  • Fix or replace anything else we find that prevents your property from showing at it’s best.

The way we see it, the home refresh is FREE to a home seller! What you pay to refresh a home comes right back to you at closing from the buyer. You sell faster and for a significantly higher offer price. You are simply fronting the money for the buyer who doesn’t have the time or skill to refresh the home and wants to walk into a finished property commensurate with the investment he just made.

The cost of a refresh should be viewed as a short term investment in yourself. Any money you put into a refresh will come back to you, and then some, at closing through a quicker sale and higher offer price. Say goodbye to low ball offers and waiting on the market for months on end. If you are selling or looking for a renter, you know, TIME=MONEY.

For the landlords looking to rent, each month the property goes vacant is lost income that would have gone to you to reimburse you for the refresh. You may be tempted to just lower your rent and find someone but say you lower it by $200 a month and find someone willing to take it as is, That’s $2400 the first year, $4800 if they stay 2 years. That’s a lot of income that you could have used to upgrade your property which would long outlast that 1 or 2 year payback term.

If you would like to talk to us about your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a free estimate.

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