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Owner/manager Bryan Neubeker in The Ceiling Superstore’s gorgeous new showroom in southeast Calgary.

Bryan is the owner/manager of The Ceiling Superstore. The Ceiling Superstore provides the largest and most diverse selection of ceiling tile products in the market. But Bryan is proudest of the experience and service that his company is able to offer commercial and residential customers.

“The Ceiling Superstore places a huge emphasis on customer service,” emphasizes Bryan, whose company recently staged its Grand Opening at its new 14,000-sq.-ft. location at #124, 3442 – 118 Ave. S.E.

The Ceiling Superstore features the kind of efficient, timely service, vast product knowledge and expertise on which Albertans have come to rely and trust.

The good folks at The Ceiling Superstore can tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about ceilings.

“First of all, what’s most important to me is that we have 44 years of experience in the ceiling tile business and most of our staff have been with us for at least 20 years,” says Bryan, noting The Ceiling Superstore was originally affiliated with another longtime Calgary company, William Clark Applications Service Ltd.

“We feel that educating our clients on their ceiling is extremely important.”

Bryan wants you to know that there’s more to a ceiling than meets the eye.

Much more.

“When you buy a carpet, you want to know everything about the carpet,” he says.

“Well, the same applies to ceilings. We want to make sure our client understands what the cleanability of the ceiling is, what the light reflection is, what its durability is, what its sound transmission is and what its noise reduction is.

“We want our customers to know every aspect of the ceiling tile so they can make an informed decision.”

Why is experience crucial to the ceiling tile business, particularly for commercial clients in Calgary’s downtown core?

Well, let Neubeker explain.

“In the past 40 years, there have been at least five manufacturers putting in at least 300 different products into ceilings in the downtown core alone.

“We have the product knowledge, the staff and the expertise to be able to identify the needs of the customer and provide solutions to those people who don’t know what kind of ceiling tile they have, or to people who have different ceiling tile on each floor of their office tower.

“If they have a colour of grid and they don’t know where it came from, how they got it and when they got it, we have the experience to answer those questions and solve any issues they might have.

“We also have a new service in which we do a complete database on every office building in the downtown core. Customer “XYZ” phones us and says, ‘I need to replace my ceiling tile on the 33rd floor.’ All we have to do is look it up on our database and tell them if it’s available and at what cost.

“We also have installers to do the work. Our goal is to make the process of buying ceiling tile as easy as possible for the customer.”

The Ceiling Superstore is also equipped to accommodate odd ceiling sizes.

The Ceiling Superstore’s record speaks for itself. The company has supplied and installed about 60 per cent of the ceiling tile in the new office towers in the downtown core, including projects such as Bankers Hall.

Last October, The Ceiling Superstore expanded operations by moving to its new location to better showcase its products and enhance customer service.

“At the new location, we have improved dock service, improved delivery service and a huge selection of ceiling tile on display. The selection of ceiling tile we carry is second to none in Alberta.”

Among the popular product lines carried by The Ceiling Superstore are a wide range of Donn Brand Grid products, dome skylights, acoustic ceilings for home theatres and old-fashioned decorative tin ceilings.

The company also carries a new line of acoustic wall paneling.

“The old-fashioned tin ceilings are really cool. They look awesome.

“We’ve put them in firehalls, in restaurants like the Hard Rock Cafe.

“We also provide a variety of ceiling finishes, such as antiquing, plating and powder-coat finishes that enhance the look.”

So if you’re looking up for inspiration, look way up. To The Ceiling Superstore.

Folks can check out the vast array of products at The Ceiling Superstore at #124, 3442 – 118 Ave. S.E. or phone 230-0710.

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