Ceiling Fan Direction Does It Matters

Ceiling Fan Direction  Does It Matters

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Ceiling Fan Direction Does It Matters?

05.08.2009 | Author: Writer | Posted in Home Improvement | Article Word Count: 731

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Declaring any one a layperson regarding ceiling fans though cant be fair, its too strange to find out a large number of people lacking the knowledge of ceiling fan direction. Apart from being unknown of ceiling fan direction, maximum number of men and women do not know at what speed they should let their ceiling fans rotate during the summer and winter seasons.

People only switch on their ceiling fan and forget about it, without throwing even a glance at the direction of ceiling fan. What they do much bother about, happens to be in regard to speed of respective ceiling fan in summer, which they increase by accelerating speed of the ceiling fan.


Blades of ceiling fan throw down cool air by running in an anti-clockwise direction. All the conventional ceiling fans have been working on such pattern for long to provide a great comfort during the summer. But with the introduction of new ceiling fans, running in both anti-clockwise and clockwise direction, complete knowledge on ceiling fan direction has become a need of hour, which you shouldnt ignore.

As has already been mentioned about anti-clockwise-rotating ceiling fan, which makes the people have an experience of breeze during summer season, the clockwise direction of the same ceiling fan provide a great warmth with its blades moving in slow speed in the winter season.

Ceiling fan, blowing air straight over the individual makes him/her feel cool, relaxed and comfortable from the hot climate. In order to have cool air and feel comfortable, people want their fan to blow down air straight over them during the summer season. If you are perspiring and are badly in staunch need of cool air, stand beneath the ceiling fan and switch it on.

Anti-clockwise direction of the ceiling fan has got to meet your purpose effectively. If you feel that speed of ceiling fan still is not sufficient to make you feel comfortable from the hot atmosphere, put the ceiling fan on high speed, which, within a few moments, will make you feel cool.

Ceiling Fan Direction  Does It Matters

But, can the same ceiling fan help you feel warmth in winter season, is needed to be addressed, contemplating at ceiling fan direction. The answer of course is Yes. The ceiling fan, working on conventional pattern makes the people even in winter season as comfortable as it does in summer. So youve not to forget your ceiling fan even in winter, havent you!

The same ceiling fan, which fought in the summer with rude hot air by blowing down cool air over you, tames even the coolest air in winter by changing the direction of ceiling fans blades to provide you a warmth from the chilled air of room. The difference, prevalent during the summer season happens to be in regard to direction of ceiling fan only.

The ceiling fan rotating, in anti-clockwise direction during the summer season, is required to rotate in clockwise direction in winter. The speed of ceiling fan also is needed to be lowered in winter, which your should be well introduced with, a fact which a large number of people do not pay their attention on.The same ceiling fan which runs much faster during the summer to throw cool air downwards, is required to run at much slower speed in the winter season. How, lets have a look at.

During the summer, fast blowing air makes the people feel comfortable by providing them a relief from hottest climate, which the ceiling fan also does by rotating too fast in anti-clockwise direction. But during the winter season blowing of chilled air causes a great discomfort and cant be tolerated by the people even in the least. Keeping in view such fact uppermost in mind, the direction of ceiling fan has been changed. The blades of ceiling fan rotating in clockwise direction, during the winter season, pull-up all the cool air upwards, throwing down in exchange only the warm air, which makes the individual feel a comfort from chilled air of room.

During the winter season, apart from changing the direction of ceiling fan, the speed of ceiling fan also is changed. Ceiling fans in the winter season are allowed to run at much slower speed, which makes all the people, sitting beneath the ceiling fan, experience coziness and a comfort from coolest atmosphere of room. The ceiling fans, running in clockwise direction, are used in dining hall, bedrooms and other important places.

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