Ceiling fanwiring 1 2

Ceiling fanwiring 1 2

Ceiling fan/wiring 1/ 2

Hi Mike!

MB I’d like to install a ceiling fan. The room it’s going in has no existing

MB wiring to the ceiling (no fans, overheard lights exist). We have 60-amp

MB service and the fuse box is in the garage which is almost directly below

MB the room I want the fan in (the garage ceiling is this room’s floor). The

MB fan housing says it draws less than one amp.

I’ll have to agree with the others you should not be wiring this

yourself but if you have a friend who is knowledgeable this would be a

good starter project. (If you’re hiring an electrician do _not_ ask

him — he’s not in the business of teaching amateurs.)

Depending on the locaction of the ceiling lights it may be possible to

replace a light with the fan — just remember the fan will go on and

off with the switch that went to the light (and whatever other lights

are controlled by the switch).

If you elect to do it this way follow the directions that came with

the fan carefully. The original light wil have two or three wires:

black, white and green (or bare). (The green/bare is the optional

MB 1. Should I create a new circuit just for the fan, running new Romex from

MB the fuse box up into the attic (just like the others)? If so, how do

MB I fuse this circuit considering the fan only draws one amp or less?

MB We have the older-style screw-in type fuse box and although I haven’t

MB checked yet I’m guessing I’m probably not going to find a 1-amp fuse

At this point it does not appear you know enough about wiring to run a

new feed. The fuses are currently protecting electric circuits in

your house. You need to remove the fuse protecting the circuit into

which you are installing the fan while you (or the electrician) is

working on it. (Unless you just moved into the house the four fuses

should have been mapped so you know what fuse controls where. As

generally there is not enough room on the label provided in the panel

box for all the locations this map should be written on a larger peice

Ceiling fanwiring 1 2

of paper.)

You are right about not being able to find a 1 amp fuse to fit the

fuse box. Actually this was good for a laugh as those of us more

famailiar with wiring know those fuses protect more than a single

device at a time. (OTOH I believe European wiring has fusing along

this idea — think they uses something like a 50 Amp feeded and

everything plugged in has it’s own fuse in the cord.)

The 1 amp fan will only take one amp from it’s circuit. If its fuse

in the box is 20 Amps the fan will only take one. The other 19 are

being used by whatever other devices are part of that particular

fuse’s circuit. (If a device ‘gets greedy’ and takes more that it is

MB 2. Should I tap into one of the existing Romex cables in the attic

MB passing near the room I want the fan in? By tap into I mean cut it in

MB half and create a T (so that if the fan is removed/damaged/blown it

MB Never having run Romex and not knowing about a 1-amp fuse this might

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