Disadvantages of stretch ceilings

Disadvantages of stretch ceilings

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This is a slightly unusual article, which will be explained solely on the shortcomings. Surely you have never, however. It’s time to shed light on such material as stretch ceilings. Hiding behind the obvious advantages. Sellers are trying to hide the less obvious shortcomings. Well, it’s their job, while we do not allow to fool you.

Price of stretch ceilings

the First and most obvious drawback is the price. Of course, for him to argue. The cost of gypsum construction after finishing can come close to the price of similar square stretch ceiling. However, the cost of comparable only when comparing the budget option. If you take the fabric stretched ceiling, breathing down or suspended ceiling «Starry sky», not to mention the multi-level designs, the estimate of such projects are absolutely incompatible with a modest cost usual painted plaster ceiling.

Strength of stretch ceilings

a drawback, which can also be called questionable. Every responsible installer stretch ceilings honest answer that the painting can be easily damaged, pierce, deform. Another question — why do it? Like most ridiculous things such incidents happen by chance and, as a rule, nobody is guilty. Carried the ladder shot stopper from champagne. The result is a hole in the ceiling in the most prominent place. The canvas can be fixed, but it will cost, and how to install it, quite expensive.

Installation of suspended ceilings

as strange As it sound, but the installation of tension ceilings also has certain disadvantages. Let’s imagine that you have redesigned the apartment, cleaned the walls and built new — plasterboard. What problems? The tension may reach 70 kg per linear measures. Gypsum the load will not stand it. The result should be chosen not under the ceiling of the apartment and the apartment to rebuild under a ceiling. As for monolithic concrete walls, then there is absolutely no problem — install health:)

Stretch ceilings and the flood

As they say in any salon for the sale of stretch ceilings — flood stretch ceilings is not terrible. In principle correct, but there is always a «but». the French tension ceilings produced by welding technology may diverge. In other words, instead of one whole cloth you get two hanging of the stump. If the firm decent — repair at the expense of the company.

Rusty spots. PVC blade does not pass water, and what tissue. Water flowing from a neighbor above were not always clean. What to do with rusty stains on the beautiful snow-white canvas? To solve the puzzle you have yourself, and for your own money.

Lamps for stretch ceiling

the Choice of luminaires can be compared with a special ritual. Limited capacity, special design, installation without direct contact with the canvas. What happens if you break one of these rules? The first and most likely the consequence of the yellow circles on the canvas a couple of years. The worst option — melt PVC ceiling. Can not be repaired under warranty case misses.

the Collapse of stretch ceilings

it’s Time to remember the school course of physics? What happens when a sharp drop of pressure? The most illustrative example is the collapse of stretch ceilings. In the ceiling void is formed area of low pressure. If you open the window or the door will hear cotton. This is not in 100% of cases, only in the result of improper installation. The effects can be eliminated, but the fact remains.

reducing the height because of the tension ceilings

you Have a small height of ceilings in the apartment? Did you know that stretch ceilings «steal» you have a minimum of 3 centimeters? Multi-level design at low bathrooms should not be regarded in principle. 3 centimeters sounds not so critical, but in practice it turns out that this is quite a significant magnitude.

Seems to be all. Think, decide, choose and not let it fool you. Good and right to you of construction:)

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