Home Theater Mckinney TX Media Rooms Audio Video Install

Home Theater Mckinney TX Media Rooms Audio Video Install

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For residents and business owners in McKinney, TX, Open Air Media is the easy choice for all of your audio video design and installation needs. With a team of professionals who are dedicated to A/V and the ability to complete jobs of all shapes and sizes, we are the trusted choice for bringing technology into your home or office. More and more, technology is taking over our day to day lives. Everything can be done through electronics today, and Open Air Media is at the forefront of installing these pieces of technology so they can go right to work for you. No matter if you are just a technology lover who wants all of the latest and greatest in your home, or a business owner trying to keep up with the competition, you will want to have Open Air Media on your side.

As an audio visual designer. it is our job to make sure you are getting the most out of your a/v system. Almost anyone can connect a television and some speaker and get them all to work. However, it take a talented and experienced hand to create a cohesive plan that ties all of the various inputs together properly for an overall package that works seamlessly. Our team will make sure that you don’t have a collection of electronics pieces, but rather an audio video system that helps you get the most from your McKinney home or office.

Simply put, Open Air Media is up for any audio visual challenge you can bring our way. The experience that we have gained in this business is wide-ranging, and can be classified into five categories. If you have needs that fall within any of these areas, don’t hesitate to contact us today and ask our friendly team about what we have to offer.

McKinney Commercial Audio Visual Install


Audio visual equipment can be great for entertainment purposes, but it is not always fun and games. Businesses have very real uses for a/v systems that can improve communications, streamline processes, and improve the bottom line at the end of the year. Video projectors, intercom systems, office audio, and digital signage are just a few of the many uses that businesses have for audio visual products. Your business could be lagging behind the competition in the a/v arena – and that could be the difference between rising above and losing the battle. Use Open Air Media to make sure you are in a position to dominate the market and give your employees the tools they need to succeed.

Custom Media Rooms in McKinney Homes

Have you ever gone to a movie theater and wished you could take that experience home with you? If so, you aren’t alone. Many moviegoers wish that they could recreate the professional audio and incredible screen in the comfort of their own home. Now, thanks to the team at Open Air Media, you can do just that. We are able to bring you a home theater experience into a dedicated media room complete with home theater seats, 3-D projectors, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. and much more. You will still have to make the popcorn, but just about everything else will be ready for you when we are done with the project.

Residential Audio Video Installer in McKinney, Texas

Expanding out from just one room, Open Air Media can bring together you entire home with the best in audio video equipment. Outdoor patio a/v systems, home computer networking, TV installation, and more are completing quickly and correctly by our staff. Most likely, all of your family enjoys interactive with a/v systems during their day, and we make that possible. You can put speakers in every room and customize the music throughout the house. You could also install surround sound in all of the entertainment areas of the home so even the largest gatherings are well-served by your professional audio system. No matter what you want to make happen in your home from an audio video perspective, rest assured the Open Air Media can get it done.

Home Automation and Smart Homes in McKinney

Home Theater Mckinney TX Media Rooms Audio Video Install

What is a smart home? Much like a smart phone, a smart home is able to take a variety of different inputs and condense them down into one easy-to-use interface. For example, if you want to be able to control your lighting, window coverings, and HVAC system no matter where in the world you are, Open Air Media can bring that to life for you. We will create a universal remote control panel that is connected to your home and can control all of the different features. Home security, convenience, and practicality are all improved when you turn your McKinney house into a smart home.

Audio Visual Church Systems

The church does not need to be left behind when it comes to audio visual design and installation. In order to remain relevant with the younger generations, more and more churches are using Open Air Media to tackle their a/v problems and develop an affordable solution and provides impressive video and audio quality to every member of the congregation. Speaking into a microphone, the Pastor will be able to reach even the very back rows with ease once an updated audio visual system is in place. Also, projectors and screens can bring the sermon to life with visual aids that follow along with the message. Contact Open Air Media right away to help your church come along into the 21 st century.

Open Air Media is an all-around audio visual company in McKinney, TX that serves the needs of residential and commercial customers alike. We are a trusted name in this business because of the quality that we provide and the fair prices that we offer. All of the work that we do is backed by a warranty for your protection because we are so confident in getting it right the first time. Whether you need your office building outfitted with audio and visual equipment, or want a custom media room in your home, Open Air Media should be your first and last call. We look forward to meeting you!

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Open Air Media has the answers to all of your home and business audio visual needs. Give us a call today and speak with our friendly staff about what we have to offer.

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