How many gallons of paint do i need to paint a room 24 ft long and 14 ft wide Askhoo

How many gallons of paint do i need to paint a room 24 ft long and 14 ft wide

You will need about 2.3 gallons of quality paint to do the job. Cheap paint will require more. Ask us anything!!

Some information by our algorithm and check these resources as below:

calculate the gallons of paint required to paint a room given that a gallon of paint will cover 300 sqr.feet?

What is the length, width and height of the wall?First calculate the area of the ceiling = x = Length X WidthSurface area of one wall = y = Length X HeightSurface area of the other wall = z = Width X HeightTotal surface area = w = x + 2y + 2zThen amount of paint needed = w / 300-rds

During a paint sale a hardware store sold 33 gallons of flat paint and 57 gallons of high-gloss paint.?


How many gallons of paint will room that is 12X14X9 if it take to paint a each gallon covers 12 square feet?

ask your math teacher

If your ever undecided about what color to paint a room do you just paint it white?

I go with bolds, my husband doesnt really notice. We have various yellows, blues, green, reds, pink, green. only walls that are still white are the stairwell/hall where I cant reach! (my fear of heights limits me somewhat!)

If 1 gallon of paint covers 100 square feet, about how many gallons of paint are needed to paint the outside?

Surface area of sphere= 4* radius^2 * piSurface area= 4 * 5^2 * piSurface area= 100 * piIf 1 gallon of paint covers 100 square feet, you will need Pi gallons of paint or about 3.14 gallons of paint.

I am preparing to paint my Crew using middle of the house with a Wagner Paint road Sherman Williams paint. Will I need to thin it first?

yes you will need to thin the stick to see how fast it drips down if it drips the whole glob of paint within 7 sec you should be fine under any circumstances do not add any watter to the paint it will ruin or get too thin then you would have to buy more paint. and if you are painting outside of the house i would suggest you power wash the whole exterior of the house let it dry then prime it with waterproof primer and then let that dry put two coats of primer. then i would paint the outside of the house the inside you would not need primer unless you are painting bare drywall. Note do not use lacquer thinner in a paint gun for home use it will ruin the seals. Use only mild paint thinner. Or the specific pain thinner that the gun says to use. When you are painting use fluid motions to paint the walls becareful not to let it run if it does especially if you are using think on house pants and would add a cap full a paint gun. The paint is usually too will clog the gun i to the paint and lift you put too much.

can you paint acrylic based paint over wood cabinets previously painted with an oil based paint?

Speaking as an artist you shouldn different with paints used on furniture but personally I wouldnt risk it I would try and sand down the old paint first to get most of itt paint acrylics over the top lead the oil paint to a lot longer to dry of oils as this will possibly crack as it takes than acrylic. However, I guess it might be off.

Dawn can paint a room in 3 hours. Summer can paint a room in 10 hours. How long will it take them to paint 3?

Dawns time per room = 3 hrsDawns rate = D = 1/3 = 0.3333 room per hrSummers time per room = 10 hrsSummers rate = S = 1/10 = 0.1 room per hrThey work together Combined rate = D+S = 0.3333 + 0.1 = 0.4333 room per hrDawn quits after 2 hours They will have painted 0.8667 of the first room.There is still 0.1333 of the first room to be paintedIt will take Summer 0.1333/0.1 = 1.3333 = 1 hr 20 mins to complete it.Time room 1 = 2:00 (D + S)Time room 1 = 1:20 (S only) Time room 2 = 10:00 (S only) Time room 3 = 10:00 (S only) Total time for 3 rooms = 23 hours 20 minutes

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