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How To Select the Correct Size Of Crown Molding For Your Home.

Crown molding is a type of finish trim designed for installation at the top of a wall. While this trim can seem relatively simple there are a number of factors I like to keep in mind when choosing crown molding for my clients.  Among the most important decisions is what size of crown molding to use, the style just as equally as important.  Molding thats too large can overwelm  small spaces, while too-small molding  (I call this wimpy why did you bother trim- ha! )  may not make an impact in your larger space that you were aiming for. 

To choose the right size of crown molding for your home, consider things like ceiling height, the style of trim you want to get installed by a professional  or install yourself,  and keeping in mind the style of the trim through your whole home.

For Eight Foot Ceilings:

For a room with  standard eight foot ceiling you dont want huge pieces of molding. If the molding is too wide, it will make the room appear too small and the molding itself will overpower the rest of the room. For an eight foot ceiling I usually would specify a molding between 3 inches and 5 1/4 inches wide works best.

I had a client this past summer and the husband really wasnt sure about installing crown molding.  After he saw how it lifted his 8 ft ceilings, he was convinced.  Sometimes we dont know something is wrong untill we see it done right. 

For Nine to Ten Foot Ceilings

For taller ceilings, running nine to ten feet in height, this is the exact time to use slightly wider molding. If your molding is too small, it will seem insignificant in comparison to the room.   And the taller the ceilings go, the harder it is to see a smaller crown molding. So if you have ceilings that are nine to ten  feet range, use molding that runs from 5 1/4 inches wide to seven inches wide.

See the diagram below to show you the amount of inches is the measurement on the diagonal.

For Taller than ten Feet Ceilings

For even taller ceilings and vaulted ceilings, youll need beefier crown molding. Once your ceilings get this tall, you wont find crown molding in exactly the right width. For taller ceilings, the molding is usually built up by combining more than one piece of trim.  This is Custom in action.  Typically, built-up molding starts with a standard baseboard, installed upside down. Then, on top of this, a piece of crown molding is used, exposing the bottom few inches of the base.

I used this method in our home. While our ceilings are not ten  plus feet in height I wanted to go with a very custom idea. You can still do this if you keep the amount in inches at a capping.  If I were to specify 10 inch custom crown for our home it would have looked ridiculous.  This custom idea was more work for Darryl, so  Sorry Darryl.

I layered a standard base board on the wall, added another simple base board on the ceiling, and then had him install the crown piece in the middle for a rounded off look.  Very classic and modern look and really adds a lot of height to the feel of our space.  We love it.  Thanks Darryl.

Custom designed crown molding.

I hope youve found this post helpful for your next project, new build or Renovation. Remember, the act of installing the crown in the first place isnt the most important, its the size that you choose that is relevent.  If you cant afford to yet install crown, wait till you can get the right size crown molding installed thats just right for your home.

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