Hunter Fan Parts List eHow

Hunter Fan Parts List eHow

Canopy Assembly

The hanger bracket of the canopy assembly is installed first to the wood support structure with screws from the hardware kit. Wiring from the outlet box goes through the down rod. The canopy of the fan fits over the down rod. The canopy trim ring sits next to the ceiling on top of the canopy for a finished look.

Motor Housing Assembly

The motor housing assembly includes the main part of the Hunter fan, the fan motor. It also includes a screw set, top housing, belly band, bottom cover, various screws and blade armature used for inserting the blades.

Light Kit Assembly

The light kit assembly includes a switch housing cover, a fan speed pull chain, reverse assembly switch, breakaway connector and a light pull chain switch. Glass shades, also known as globes, are attached to the light kit assembly.

Blade Assembly

Blade iron sets attach to the motor housing assembly. The blade sets, or fans, attach to the blade iron sets for the finished ceiling fan.

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