J-Hooks Cable Support

J-Hooks Cable Support

J-Hooks for Cable Support

J-Hooks for Cable & Wire Support

With a variety of over 60 j-hook combinations, our specially designed j-hooks suit most cable management requirements.

Our industry quality j hooks provide support to cables for trades including:

  • telecommuni catio n industry
  • standard cabling
  • low voltage electrical
  • fiber optic
  • CAT5 & 6 (computer networking)
  • data communication
  • voice/data communication
  • fire protection cabling
  • distribution pathway systems
  • security systems
  • . as well as many others.
J-Hooks Cable Support

Our j-hooks are also generally referred to as Cable Hooks or Cable Holders ; since they are most often attached to the ceiling and specifically designed to run sensitive cable installations.

Which J-Hooks are right for you?

We have in effect 7 j-hooks which can be in turn combined with 11 different attachments depending on where the j hooks need to go. Then we have brackets which combine j-hooks, in effect making a ‘double’ j-hook, typically known as u-hooks. You can fit up to 200 cat 5 cables and they can hold a weight up to 50 lbs.

The standard j-hooks are a galvanized steel finished with yellow zinc chromate. They come in the following sizes: 3/4″, 1 5/16″, 2″ and 4″.

The plastic and metal composite j-hooks are galvanized steel & polypropylene composite which incorporates the best features of both metal and plastic, providing strength and a slick, no-bur surface. This j-hook includes a latch to which the built-in bendable flap can be locked into thus securing the cables. They come in the following sizes: 1″, 2″ and 3″.

Standard J-Hooks

The standard j-hook has a number of attachments which are all designed for varying circumstances. From simply having your j hooks attached to a wall, to ceilings, into concrete using powder actuated tools, different size flanges, threaded rod, ceiling wire etc.

Our Standard J-Hook attachments come as follows:

90 Degree Angle Clip

The Angle Clip comes in useful when a flush (wall) mount does not work out and the j hook needs to be attached straight to the ceiling. There is are two Angle Clips available — one for all sizes with a 1/4″ hole and one for the 2 bigger j-hooks of which the hole of the clip is designed to work with 3/8″ threaded rod.

90 Degree Angle clip with powder actuated pin

Similar in function to the above angle clip but it comes complete with a pin ready to be shot in using a powder actuated tool to go directly into concrete.

Batwing Clip — Multi-purpose spring steel bat wing clips allow you to attach a j-hook to to ceiling wire as thin as 12 gauge and threaded rod up to 1/4”.

This clamp is specially designed to hold j hooks onto metal beam Flanges that are 1/8” – 1/4 Thick and there is another size available for flanges 5/16″ — 1/2″ thick. They are made of high quality spring steel.

This is basically the Knock-On Clamp as above but included in it are two 90 degree angle clips that allow the j hook to be clamped to the metal beam but gives it the capability of completely rotating as well.

Screw-in press beam clamp

This design is also for metal beam flanges but this design has a screw-in function so the j-hook’s beam clamp is tightened to the flange by a bolt.

Screw-in press beam clamp that rotates 360 degrees

This is basically the press beam clamp as above but included in it is the 90 degree angle clip which allows the j-hook to be clamped to the metal beam but gives it the capability of completely rotating as well.

Plastic and Metal Composit J-Hooks

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