KB Home Problems and Quality Issues With Our New Home

Photos of our new KB Homes Problems below

KB Home claimed quality construction and that it builds homes that your family can enjoy for years to come. Unfortunately it doesn’t feel that way, instead our new KB Home feels more like an old fixer-upper. Our new KB Home has caused our family a great deal of stress, ruined our Holidays and has taken away so much our family can never get back. KB Home claimed commitment to customer satisfaction with a 100 percent satisfied pledge. KB Home claims it builds trust but it’s hard to trust KB Home after feeling like they play games, have given us runaround, also making our living room ceiling worse while KB Home still cannot properly fix our living room ceiling after the 3rd repair attempt. Our family had to breath several coats of joint compound giving us bloody noses, drywall dust and paint fumes on multiple occasions all for nothing. We feel our KB Homes Warranty is practically useless. Our new KB Home experience has been a nightmare. These are just some of the KB Home problems and quality issues we’ve already had with our new home.

KB Home Representative Quote These are some of the best homes we’ve ever built.

One side of attic had NO insulation. Other side of attic only had 6-7” instead of 13 by code. Access cover not insulated. WARNING: if you check attic insulation DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK IN ATTIC! There is no floor between joists, only drywall and you can fall through the ceiling!

Bumps, ripples, waves and outline of floor joists had developed in living room ceiling. This was the only issue we had expected KB Home to take care of and instead of taking care of the issue KB Home made our living room ceiling worse not once but twice. KB Home finally made a 3rd repair attempt replacing the entire downstairs ceiling and even after new drywall with the light on you can see defects. Photos and story on the main page.

Ceiling bumps and indentations developing in upstairs bedrooms similar to how living room ceiling started.

Wall at middle stair landing has recently developed a bulge, have also heard snapping and popping noises.

Slab crack underneath vinyl flooring causing vinyl floor to bubble in line formation. Told by KB Home Representative this crack could go all the way across your living room to the other side of the house and if it does it’s purely cosmetic and we’re not going to pull up any carpet. We now believe we know why KB Home had refused to pull carpet after recently finding a 30 foot slab crack with an 18 foot crack intersecting under the carpet.

Large area of bottom of garage wall to house not even touching concrete with large gaps that weren’t sealed.

Home makes random loud snap, crack or popping noises from various ceilings and corners of the home.

At least seven foundation cracks have developed in just the garage area alone already.

Drywall cracking in different areas of the home. Constantly patching and painting new cracks.

Nails starting to back out of ceiling in an upstairs bedroom and bathroom next to it.

One bedroom colder than any other area in the house most likely due to improper insulation.

Home not sealed well. Pest control sprayed outside and strong pesticide smell came into house from underneath baseboards. We were led to believe KB Home builds energy efficient new homes with tight construction where gaps are sealed with spray foam.

Uneven upstairs floor, although closet door is level there is an uneven gap underneath.

Recently we have found two more upstairs floors that have now also become uneven.

Upstairs floor feels like it shakes when people walk by in master bedroom and bonus room.

Carpet quickly wearing even though we weren’t wearing shoes inside. Seams starting to show, other areas appear worn or overstretched.

An unused electrical outlet started buzzing and became warm. Lights started to flicker and breaker wouldn’t trip.

Large Kitchen fluorescent tube light started to fall down because it was just screwed into drywall which could have fallen on somebody.

When walking up the stairs the railing pulled out of the wall at the top of the staircase.

Upstairs floors starting to come loose and make noise when walked or stepped on.

KB Home Problems and Quality Issues With Our New Home

Electrical short smell traced to stuck doorbell button that had been frying the doorbell.

No electrical boxes for master bathroom vanity lights. No electrical boxes to screw into if you want to upgrade to better fixtures.

Front entrance recessed light would start out extremely dim due to wiring connection.

Bathroom GFI’s trip intermittently for no reason, same with garage GFI, trips sometimes when not even in use.

Kept finding Landscape drain covers knocked off where tan bark can fall down and block drains, would just fall off easily until attached properly.

Kitchen range hood damper had one flap jammed shut. Other flap would bang around loudly when windy due to no wall cap damper.

Garage has largest concrete expansion joint cracks I’ve ever seen although this is where concrete should crack.

We were led to believe KB Home uses a Post Tension Slab, however it does not appear that KB Home used a Post Tensioned slab.

Large gap under some of the doors we just never complained about along with other KB Home quality issues.

KB Home Problem Photos

Attic not insulated to 13 by code and the other side had no insulation

Do not attempt to walk in attic, you can fall through the ceiling!

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