Powder Room Reveal The Hall Way

Powder Room Reveal The Hall Way

Powder Room Reveal

We started working on painting the house again.  We painted the ceilings in the kitchen, powder room and hallway, and the mudroom a couple weeks ago.  Then we painted the walls the same color we had used in the family room and foyer.  The trim still needs painted and I hope to finish that this week.  I promise to post pictures of it once its done.  The hard part isnt taking the pictures its getting the house picture-ready ;p

Meanwhile, I spent over a week tackling the powder room.  Almost everything has changed except the floor and toilet.  Nothing wrong with the original it just wasnt me.  My biggest complaint was the yellow marble-ish countertop.

First, we painted the ceiling the same Behr Silky White that we are using elsewhere.  I painted the walls Behr Premium Plus Ultra Suede Gray (PPU18-17) in Eggshell .

I spent several days cutting a vinyl stencil with my Silhouette machine to mimic the pattern on the towels.  They were the inspiration for the whole room.

My main issue with cutting the stencil was that the vinyl material kept shifting halfway thru the the cutting process.  It was tedious.  Once it was cut, we had the fun task of applying it to the ceiling.  That was also. tedious.  And painful.  I figured using the vinyl would be easier on a ceiling over using a regular stencil that would have to be moved around.  Having done it, I dont know which would be better.  I think its going to be a pain on a ceiling no matter what.

I used FolkArt Solid Bronze Metallic craft paint to match the stripe on the towels.  (The stencil was cut with dark gray and white vinyl, which is why you can really only see part of it).

I used 1.5 tape to create a border along the crown molding so that there would be a finished edge.  I used a sponge brush to dab the paint on.

I knew Id have to do a lot of touching up after the stencil was removed, but unfortunately, it also pulled down large chunks of the white paint down to the drywall.  We think it must have been an issue with the original primer coat because there was no rhyme or reason to it.  I spent the next morning hand painting both the white and bronze paints to clean it up as best I could.  Then we painted the trim to match.

Meanwhile, after an exhaustive search, I found a $35 mirror at Home Goods.  Was pretty sure the color wasnt going to work, but that was an easy fix.  I had been waiting to see the new wall color so I could decide what to do with the vanity.  It was originally a dark espresso stain.  Should I paint it white, black, some shade of gray, or leave it as is?  I knew for sure that the countertop had to go.

I finally found a remnant for the countertop so I took the original countertop and sink to the fabricator.  The sink is a little small, but I didnt see a need to replace it.  I figured then was the time to paint the vanity before the new countertop arrived.  While perusing Pinterest one evening, I had found an idea for the new vanity finish.   I lugged it and the new mirror outside and spray painted them Satin White with leftover paint from my parents bed.  Some of the white PVC pipe is visible under the vanity, so I spray painted it shiny silver to look like metal.  Small change, big difference.

It was tempting to just leave it white, but I was anxious to try the Black Coffee Metallic Glaze I had bought.  It was recently discontinued, so I bought 2 bottles since the store still had it.  I hadnt used glaze before so it took some trial and error.  The glaze is a little heavier than I would have liked, but it turned out ok.  You can see the metallic sheen when the light hits it.

Heres the finished room:

You can see some of the now-silver PVC pipe peeking out from under the vanity.

New towel and TP rings from our recent Ikea trip.  I found the candle holder last week at Target and it has a similar pattern to the towels and ceiling.

LOVE the new chrome faucet.  Im all for single handle faucets for ease of use.  Still looking for a new soap dispenser.  Im also loving the new, thicker countertop.  Its a marble called Diano Reale.

Across from the toilet is a linen closet with a window next to it overlooking the front porch.

Powder Room Reveal The Hall Way

Needless to say, this shade is closed 24/7.  Originally, this window had a heavy curtain with a flocked damask pattern which kept the room dark all the time.  I replaced it with a white, linen texture roller shade.  As I mentioned before. this was the only sample in my stack that let light in, but remained opaque at night.

The oil rubbed bronze chandelier was replaced with chrome and crystal one.  BLING.   Sparkly is an understatement.

The ceiling is far from perfect, but decent for my first attempt.  It definitely makes a statement and is a pop of color.

Im really excited with how it turned out.  Its a little glamorous for us, but its fun for a room that gets a lot of use.  The only changes I still want to make are some artwork or something for over the toilet and some crystal knobs for the vanity.

Here are the details:

51 x 79 with 10′ ceilings

Vanity:  Existing Vanity spray painted Rustoleum Satin White glazed with Martha Stewart Living Black Coffee Metallic Glaze.  Drawer Knobs were existing.

Trim:   Woodgrain Distribution  painted Behr Premium Plus Ultra  Satin in Silky White (PPU7-12) in Exterior Semi-Gloss

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