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We just purchased a condo that back ups to the EL in Wicker Park/Bucktown at the Damen stop. We have a lot of windows. Needless to say we needed to something about the train and street noise. Soundproof Chicago was our vendor of choice to install new sound proofing windows for our 2 bedrooms. Last night was our first night of restful, quiet sleep. What a difference!

These guys were wonderful.  We live in the bottom unit of a 3-flat condo building with thin floors and noisy upstairs neighbors.  We could hear absolutely everything — walking, cellphones vibrating. the impact noise was unbelievable and a real problem for our young son especially.  Michael and his team came in, gave us a detailed quote for soundproofing two rooms, and got started pretty quickly.  It took just over a week to finish up two bedrooms, and during the project they were timely, responsive, and did a great job taking care of our furniture and keeping the place clean during the work (which is intensive). Project is now complete — and the difference is night and day.  Id say the sound reduction is close to 85-90%. we are no longer woken up every time our neighbors get out of bed!  We are really happy.

After 3 years we finally decided to pull the trigger on soundproofing our living room.

Of course the first and only person we contacted was Mike Ibarra. We had such an amazing experience the first time around that it was a no-brainer.

The job took 2 weeks (we choose to leave on vacation during that time) and just so you know, this type of sound mitigation isnt for the faint of heart.  It is intensive, expensive, messy, and a crap-load of hard work.  It was a lot less stressful this time around when i didnt have to see the different stages every day.  But i trust Mike explicitly and i knew his guys (his cousins) Joe and George would be working on our place again.  I had the pleasure of watching them work on our bedroom 3 years ago and they were amazing.  They were always on time and super respectful, and just really really hardworking guys.  So, knowing that they would be working on our living room gave me a huge sense of peace.  They are awesome and patient and i love them.

I can be a little bossy and controlling, so of course i was texting daily to see how all of the progress was going.  I got daily photos and info every step of the way.  Mike is a great communicator and does everything in his power to make you happy and satisfied with his work.

Most importantly, we are about 3 weeks out now, and the results are even better than our master bedroom.  A new addition to the previous footfall noise we had been experiencing was that of an exuberant toddler (toddlers and hardwood = hell).  It has truly changed our quality of life in our living room/kitchen area.

Again, it is unrealistic to expect 100% sound reduction, but it is conservatively 75% better and of course will get even better as the Green Glue cures.  It is awesome and i freegin LOVE IT.  Actually, im kicking myself for not having done it sooner.  it wouldve saved me the last 3 years of cursing my neighbors every 5 minutes.

Is it expensive?  hell yeah.  but its an an F-load of work and NOTHING else out there (blown in insulation or such) will provide as much footfall sound mitigation.  It is 110% worth it and i dont have a single second of regret, besides not having spent the dineros sooner.

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We recently moved from california into a condo in downtown chicago.  After our first night  in our… We recently moved from california into a condo in downtown chicago.  After our first night  in our new place, we unfortunately realized that we could hear the neighbors upstairs walking/stomping around.  it kept us up at night and was a constant source of stress and tension.  Our building is a 1800s historic condo conversion, beautiful but with horrible sound insulation between floors.

I immediately started doing tons of research on sound mitigation efforts and how to get rid of percussive/impact noises.  I came across Mike Ibarra with Soundproof Chicago in my search for contractors who dealt with soundproofing.  Mike came out to give an estimate and we were immediately struck with his honest, no nonsense attitude.

This was going to be a fairly involved, aggressive method which entails ripping open our existing ceiling and putting multiple layers of drywall up, adding insulation, and decoupling the joists from the drywall with sound clips and resilient channels (yes, i learned a lot of technical stuff during this process!).

We decided to do the most aggressive method for our master bedroom because that is where we were being woken up in the middle of the night and it was just unacceptable.

We choose Mike because we believed that he would work the hardest for us and really make it happen.  This was the BEST decision that we ever made.  Mike and his crew were truly AMAZING.  They were always on time, polite, and extremely respectful of all my brand new furniture.  Mike took pains to cover the walls and floors and seal off the master bedroom from the rest of the house to prevent dust and fumes from spreading everywhere.

Mike also does painting and did a great job of repainting our master bedroom.  He did a fabulous job of cleaning up after himself (and this job, like any major remodel, can get messy) and helping restore my bedroom to its former glory.

Sooooooo. the big test?  id have to say conservatively that the sound has been improved by about 75%.  The sound dampening compound that they used takes about a month to cure, so the insulating effects will only get better with each day.  it already is a night and day difference.  Before we could track their movements from the bed to the bathroom, we could hear their 2 cats pouncing around and running across the floors, i could even hear their cell phone vibrate on their bedstand, but now the noise has been drastically reduced.  We still hear them upstairs, but it is dramatically muted and feels a lot further away.  The faint sounds that we hear now are a far cry from the 2-4 am wake up call stomping that used to greet us every sunday morning. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. is it perfect? NO. but we also came into this process knowing that there is no such thing as 100% sound reduction. but overall our bedroom has turned into the sanctuary that we wanted  There is definitely a lot less tension in our house!.

The next step is the living room.

If you need soundproofing, general construction work, drywall, painting, handyman work, whatever, Mike is your guy.  Ive worked with a lot of contractors throughout my various remodels and he is hands down the best due to his integrity, work ethic, and honesty.  we love him and because of him, we can now sleep soundly at night. Read more

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