Stretch ceiling membrane China (Mainland) Decorative Films


1. RAL color, 40pa softness

2. 180micron thickness


4. opaque matte

stretch ceiling membrane

VITA MEDIA creates exceptional spaces that are inspiring, functional, and of the past while focused on the future. VITA MEDIA stretch ceiling membrane, are decorative membranes, could be adapted to all surfaces, all shapes, all situations and to al premises.

VITA MEDIA membrane ceiling are entirely composed of 180micron thickness vinyl web materials, and formed by calender extruded manufacturing process.

VITA MEDIA membrane ceiling is served with membrane roofs in hotels, apartments, opening offices, swimming pools, spa, stadiums, gyms, airport, hospitals, galleries and museums, coffee bar, show rooms, malls, train stations, churches and mosques, and other locations.

VITA MEDIA decorative membrane ceiling highlights by its various vibrant RAL color, solid textures, customized prints, cadmium free, B1 flame retardant, mildew resistance, environmental friendly, bacteria resistance, noise reduction, etc..

VITA MEDIA decorative membrane with inbuilt advantages. decorative membrane ceiling covers inadequate of old ceilings, cracked, or stained ceilings, exposed beams or rafters, and hide any installations placed above the ceiling, and provides an attractive decorative finish and deliver comfortable space surrounding that cannot be achieved with traditional sheetrock, paints, or suspended ceiling tiles. VITA MEDIA translucent membrane finish can cover entire ceiling and, when backlit, can offer ultra light diffusion effect. moreover, VITA MEDIA decorative membrane suitable for premium ceiling making solutions and structure protection for areas with high humidity properties.

VITA MEDIA decorative ceiling membrane carries finish types involve glossy membrane ceiling, translucent membrane ceiling, stain ceiling membrane, chorion ceiling membrane, metallic ceiling membrane, reflective ceiling membrane, customized printed membrane ceiling, perforation ceiling membrane, holographic ceiling membrane, and other nova suspended stretch ceiling.

VITA MEDIA stretch ceiling membrane provides 10 years manufacturer limited warranty.

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