Stretch Ceiling — Printed Stretch Ceiling Supplier & Manufacturer from Chennai

Stretch Ceiling - Printed Stretch Ceiling Supplier & Manufacturer from Chennai

Printed Stretch Ceiling

We offer Printed Stretch Ceiling.

Stretch Ceiling Lacquer Finish

Vsigns, is a leader in Stretch Ceiling production and installation. We have been successfully working in Indian market We have done many projects in Hyderabad,Mumbai,Chennai,New Delhi,Kolkatta.Ahamadabad,Bangalore and many more city, We are operating from Chennai city. We do installation of Stretch Ceiling all over India. We have team of professional for installation of Stretch Ceiling Projects from Architects, Interior designers, Corporate and individual customers. Stretch Ceiling can be used in the following areas living room, swimming pool, bed room, kitchen, retail, restaurant.

A stretch ceiling consists of a flexible PVC material — membranes, stretched wall to wall, custom-made to the sizes, surrounded by a welded, semi-rigid harpoon and the shapes of the room and suspended thanks to the tracks.

Tracks are made of PVC extruded material. They are cut and secured to the perimeter of your application using various types of anchors chosen according to the material nature of the existing wall, ceiling, or subframing to which they will attach.

Stretch ceiling technology was invented at the end of the 1960s in Switzerland. The material is thin (a bit thicker than a sheet of paper), light and very strong. The material is very technological, coming in a standard size of sheet and is easily melted together with others. If done properly the crease is virtually invisible. When heated the elastic material stretches in all directions, thus allowing easy installation. A cooling process at room temperature follows, making the vinyl material assume its firm shape.

Decorative Options :

The stretch vinyl comes in 60-100 different colors and ten finishes ranging from classic matte to glazed, metallic, imitation satin, leather, velvet, wood, marble and translucent for lighting diffusers, backlighting & projection. The material can be printed or painted for additional effects. For rooms that need special attention (i.e. nurseries and medical practices) there is an option with antibacterial properties. The vinyl material is a top choice amongst designers because it allows them to blend volume, shape, color and texture. The ceilings can accommodate light fittings, alarms, air conditioning, air vents and any other installations, providing a ceiling which is perfectly flat and uniform.

Installation :

The stretch ceiling systems provide a superb alternative to traditional suspended ceilings, are installed easily and quickly with little disruption to your home or business and can easily be removed and reassembled to allow access to the space above. You should not carry furniture out and cover everybody and everything with newspapers. It is necessary only to carry flowers and fish out because the room before installation is warmed up to the temperature 140F. There aren’t any special requirements to preparation of a premise (except for the above mentioned), it means that all the same when to make installation of stretch ceiling: up to, in process or after repair.

Maintenance :

The stretch ceilings are maintenance free, do not suffer from condensation and will never crack, flake or peel. The material is entirely waterproof and washable. Because the vinyl fiber can hold 25 gallons of water per one square yard the ceiling simply stretches to accommodate water from above. A bubble forms, containing the water and preventing it from reaching the floor. It is important to call a specialist and not try to fix this yourself as the water needs to be released and the ceiling stretched to its former firmness. No moisture or staining will remain.

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