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Rische Brightens Office Space in Manchester City Centre Revamp

We were recently tasked with carrying out an office refurbishment in central Manchester that has resulted in a modern, smart new space that employers and employees alike will be proud to call their own.

This project, spread across two floors of a vacant location at 49 Peter Street, primarily aimed to create an economical lighting solution while laying the foundations to inspire a happy and productive workforce.

The office has a low ceiling, meaning that the rooms were dark and gloomy and the existing fluorescent lighting was uneven. We decided that the perfect solution would be to install a high-gloss, reflective white Barrisol stretch ceiling that would ultimately lift the dimensions of the rooms, making them appear larger, while giving a greater sense of brightness all over.

TRILUX fixtures were then used to uplight the suite of offices and we ultimately needed fewer fittings due to the shiny nature of the ceiling, an eco-friendly method meaning that less energy is consumed as a result. This has helped to achieve guideline LG7, which governs office lighting methods and designs and is hard to achieve with standard modular lay-in fittings. Great news for the new tenant’s energy bills!

For this project we were also tasked with creating recessed ceiling coffers and a number of polished plasterwork pillars to make the office look more aesthetically pleasing. Established architecture and design practice Charter Design, who we worked alongside on the project, specified Barrisol stretch ceilings for use alongside the columns and coffers, as it can be formed into acute angles that mould perfectly around any unusual shapes.

Steve West, Charter Design’s director, says: “Our brief was to create the illusion of increased floor to ceiling heights on the first and second floors. The client wanted different designs for each floor, so we elected to experiment with Barrisol on the larger second floor to provide a reflective ceiling which would mirror the floor finishes and feature columns and create the illusion of a double height space.

“This was achieved by creating coffered ceilings with lighting to illuminate the flooring, which was then reflected in the Barrisol ceilings. The use of Barrisol has achieved the effect that we sought from our preliminary design and was the perfect product due to its versatility in both form and function.”

Barrisol instantly lifted the dimensions of the office, while complementing the other design features and furnishings. It is also cost-effective, offers a natural, integrated lighting solution that eliminates any harshness and is lightweight and easy to install.

Some stretch fabrics even provide a canvas to play with the intensity and diffusion of light while others offer added luminosity; harnessing whatever available light there is in a difficult space to both augment and distribute it more easily. This is conducive in spaces or environments that have light restrictions or need to create a particular ambience without the use of artificial lighting.

Even more dramatic effects can be achieved by introducing lighting systems in the upper part of the ceiling. These systems include tubes, LEDs and fibre optics, either coloured or as white light that is used on a coloured stretch material. Each option will achieve the effect of creating a unique atmosphere or theme within an interior space.

Stretch ceilings also provide the capacity to achieve cutting-edge interiors in the most unlikely of places, while allowing us to work to a high standard, both on time and within budget, without compromising any of the quality we’re renowned for. This project truly helped showcase the arsenal of amazing products that we work with on a day-to-day basis that all complement one another perfectly.

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