Stretch ceilings . How to hide the flaws of the old ceiling

Stretch ceilings . How to hide the flaws of the old ceiling

Why and how to teach stihiVse increasingly popular ceilings .

They allow you to relatively quickly make a perfectly smooth surface of the ceiling

and hide the wiring and other utilities .

Today we will tell you what material the ceilings are made,

whether they are safe for health and what characteristics are.

And also: What are the disadvantages of suspended ceilings. The technology of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are flexible vinyl covering various

colors. Such modern ceiling mounted to the walls in special frames,

which guarantee the stability of him. The height of the ceiling in the room

reduced by 3-5 cm is required to install the fixtures. If the difference

between the old and the new height is high, then «own» the ceiling was very

curve. Installation Before installing suspended ceilings stretch ceiling specialists

take precise measurements of the room. If you want the canvas in the shape of P or

T, then there are two possibilities installation of stretch ceiling. The first — more expensive

but without additional intermediate fasteners. Second budget, but on the spot

rotation will be an additional framework that will ensure the sustainability

second or third part of today’s ceiling. However, apparently this will be

not very noticeable, as the canvas for suspended ceilings installation possible

pull. Lifetime Warranty stretch ceilings Stretch life

Ceiling — 10 years. But this does not mean that on the eleventh of his will

get rid of. Vinyl — very durable material. Of course, if followed

carefully to look after, it will serve more than one generation of tenants. But if there is

desire to change something, for example, change the color, you just take off

old material and make a new installation of stretch ceiling. Mount

stretch ceiling will not have to change. Specialists in tension ceilings

Recommendation is a joke. They did not advise him to shoot a cork from champagne.

They say it’s the only thing that was «afraid» material. And so he is not afraid

even floods from the neighbors above. These modern ceilings are able to withstand

significant flows of water: 100 liters per square meter. If such

Emergency happens, the experts carrying out repairs stretch ceiling, it is easy

correct position. They will make a small hole through which merge

liquid. And then stretched and prosushat. Not afraid of a stretch ceiling or dampness,

any fungus or mold. In view of the specific vinyl on the material does not accumulate

condensate. Modern ceiling and do not belong to flammable.

In addition, it is very easy to clean. And if you have troublesome neighbors from above,

suspended ceiling will help to minimize the noise that they create. Why

and how to teach stihiDizayn stretch ceilings Stretch ceilings are of different

colors and textures. This is especially please those who like to create a creative

interiors. With the help of specialists can replace the boring banal-ceiling

create real masterpieces — multilevel ceilings, shaded

spotlight. Vinyl aces in hand ready to turn into a ceiling

arch in your apartment. And the ability to create smooth curves implements

ideas about non-standard solutions throughout the space between the floor and stretch

ceiling. Now sold and artistic ceilings. This is a modern

analog wallpaper. Only much better and more personalized. Any liked

image using large-format printing is transferred to vinyl

stretch ceiling. However, there is a small minus: the color will not match

100%. However, a large area is not clearly evident.

Most often, artistic ceilings bought in nurseries,

that kids are not bored lying in bed, look in the faceless high.

With the help of a stretch ceiling is possible to achieve a visual effect to increase

area. To do so, to opt for a glossy ceiling.

A matte finish adds a sense of comfort and coziness. Mounting tension

ceiling: a bit of noise when you install the mounting tension ceiling, many mistakenly

associated with the most noisy activities. Not at all. The only discomfort

which will be delivered to your neighbors — is the work of a drill at a time

will be set when mounting tension ceiling. The rest — only

trick: to stretch and attach. Stretch ceilings — the cost price

stretch ceiling depends primarily on the customer. Average

cost to the classic, that is white and smooth ceilings — from

300 rubles per square meter. And if you would you prefer color and design

ceilings, the cost will increase several times, and ranges from 2 thousand

rubles per square meter. Determine the final cost of the stretch

ceiling you can only invite experts. They will appreciate the scope of work.

As a result, the final price of mounting tension ceiling will depend on several

factors: — the area of ​​the room in which you will install the suspended ceiling;

- Type of attachment — the quality and color of the material — additional fastening

suspended ceilings, which will be necessary for designers’ approach to business.

By the way, the more floor space, the cheaper the cost mounting tension

ceilings. So much room on the budget can be quite comparable to the

small bathroom. Disadvantages stretch ceiling height of room

where the suspended ceiling is installed, is slightly reduced — from 3 to 5 cm More

all this quietly. But if the ceilings were low initially, it may be

psychological discomfort. Practical advice (suspended ceiling

- Care) When washing your stretch ceiling should not scratch it. Otherwise, it is easy

damage the material. If you live on the top floor, with workers

Housing department in a position to make sure the roof. Otherwise, there is a risk that it leaks, and your

new, modern ceiling will be repaired. When is the scale

repair and installation of stretch ceilings should be made only after completion of

All work associated with the walls, wiring and installation of air conditioning.

Kitchen is desirable to have the suspended ceiling with a glossy surface.

It is smaller than on the mat, soot settles. If the suspended ceiling is lost

shine, it is enough to wipe with a dry cloth. If the result is not satisfied,

treated with 10% ammonia solution or soap solution, and

Loan dry, soft cloth. Are you ready to replace the old ceilings in their

apartment on the stretch?

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