Stylish Shelving Ideas for the Family Room Wall Decor and Home Accents Blog

Stylish Shelving Ideas for the Family Room

Family rooms have a great need for storage: From DVDs, books, CDs, remote controls and game controllers, as well as framed photographs and decorative accents, shelves offer storage for all this and more. What’s more, shelving takes advantage of otherwise unused vertical wall space, providing a treasure trove of storage and decorative space in a small footprint.

Shelving comes in a vast array of styles, colors and finishes, or your can build your own shelving and finish it as you wish.

Wall Shelf Style Options

Home decor stores, websites and catalogs; home improvement stores and discount stores carry a wide variety of wall shelving in many different styles and finishes. Wall shelves are both decorative and practical. Free floating wall shelves in glossy black are the perfect accompaniment to a contemporary decor while classic oak shelves in a warm stained finish work in country or traditional decors. Wall shelves also blend nicely with other wall accents, such as vine and grapes wall decor orwall art trees .

You can also build your own wall shelves from wood or buy unfinished shelving and finish it in any color or stain. If your walls are wallpapered, you can wrap the shelves in the same or coordinating paper for a designer look, or paint them in a solid color that matches one of the colors in the wall paper.

Measure the available wall space before shopping for shelving. You may stack a series of shelves one over the other, horizontally or randomly on a wall.

Free Standing Shelves

Free standing shelves are a great option if you have enough floor space to accommodate them. You can incorporate free standing shelves in a family room in several ways.

Stylish Shelving Ideas for the Family Room  Wall Decor and Home Accents Blog
  • In a small space, ladder style shelves take up very little floor space and offer a stylish way to display collectibles and books, and baskets that can hide small necessities.
  • Floor-to-ceiling bookcases offer a ton of storage space and can provide vertical structure to a room. Use floor-to-ceiling bookcases on either side of a fireplace, for example, to create the illusion of built-in shelving.
  • Short bookcases can be used to create a corner library or to partition a large family room. Bookcases set back to back offer storage on both sides and can partition a large family room into different zones. Short bookcases are also terrific behind a sofa or loveseat that is set in the center of the room. Below a window, they offer storage on shelves and place to display live plants on top.
  • Arrange free standing shelving units in the corner of a family room. This allows for lots of storage without taking up a lot of space.

Design Approaches

Bookcases and shelving units look most attractive when an eclectic arrangement of items is used: Mix practical items with decorative ones and display everything in an attractive way. For example, books can be arranged both horizontally and vertically; mix in a few pieces of pottery or art or framed photos to make the display interesting.

Corral magazines in vertical magazine holders. If you don’t want to spend a lot on designer versions, purchase inexpensive plastic holders and wrap them in fabric, contact paper or wallpaper remnants. You can also wrap inexpensive plastic boxes to make them coordinate perfectly with your room. Choose open or lidded versions of baskets and bins depending on what you have to store: Lidded versions work well for things that you want to keep out of sight and don’t need to access frequently, while open baskets work well for things like remote controls that you use everyday.

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