Textured Ceiling

Textured Ceiling

Textured Ceiling

Having a textured ceiling is a good idea to make your room look attractive. Along with chandeliers and pop designs, texture techniques can be used to beautify the ceilings. Here’s more about textured ceilings.

Having a textured ceiling is a great idea to add a stylish look to the entire room. Definitely, that plain ceiling is not a passe, but today, many are opting for techniques along with the textured walls. This type of decorative ceiling can alone be sufficient to beautify your room, instead of working on all the walls. While many might avoid it just considering it as an unnecessary expense, let me tell you that it also helps to smartly hide those holes and cracks in the ceiling. Textured painting is also known as faux painting or finishing, and is commonly used in interior decoration. There are different patterns which you can consider before finalizing one.

Combing Technique

This is a technique which can be used to create a lovely ceiling. This type is basically characterized by a swirling pattern. Having two shades of the same color is a great way of making this type of ceiling look even more attractive. Moreover, you can also opt for a glazing color which will add to the beauty of the swirls. This texture is done with the foam roller and rubber comb tool. You can create various designs using this rubber comb tool. Apart from uniform swirl patterns, you can have a variation at the center of the ceiling.

Knock Down Technique

This technique gives a prominent look to the ceiling. A taping knife is used to do the main part of this project. The painted surface is knock-down by holding this knife at low angle. The knife is moved in various directions to give the ceiling surface a random appearance. Usually, a single color works well in this design. This is also one of the popularly opted way of beautifying the ceiling, also known as the popcorn texture technique. For those ceilings which have a POP design forming a frame, knock down texture looks extremely classy.

Textured Ceiling

Skip Trowel Technique

This technique will give your ceiling a texture with medium and widely spaced strokes. You will need a 12 inch drywall knife to create this texture after two coats of base color are applied. You will be working on the freshly applied second coat. Holding the knife parallel to the ceiling, give some medium length, skipping strokes to achieve this look. Remember not to have any parallel or side-sided strokes. Draw strokes at different angles for a perfect skip trowel ceiling. Finish the painting job by applying 1-2 more coats of color after the ceiling dries off completely.

Apart from these techniques, you can have various other designs to grace your rooms. Just after coloring your ceiling with a foam roller, you can use different items to create unique textured patterns. Stucco tampico brush, whisk broom, combs or crumpled papers can be used for having an ultimate looking paint job. Each of these materials will give a different look to the painted ceiling. You can drag these gently on half-dry painted ceilings in curvy, straight and angled strokes as per the look you desire to have. Experimenting with colors and painting tools in small area before you start the job is a good idea. This will ensure that the final result is an extremely beautiful-looking ceiling. Add some trendy light fixtures to the ceiling and highlight this area of your room.

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