The advantage of suspended ceilings !

The advantage of suspended ceilings !

The advantage of suspended ceilings !

Market introduction of ceiling coverings few years ago, suspended ceilings

was a breakthrough. Stretch ceiling has a truly amazing

properties: not afraid of water, easy to clean, does not crack upon impact. creates

the effect of a perfectly flat surface. Stretch ceilings are issued a variety of

colors. from dark and mirrored, to matte and translucent .

Installation of stretch ceiling is fast and clean even in the living room.

When you install a ceiling, you can use any type of lighting fixtures,

as chandeliers and built-in. Stretch ceiling can withstand up to 100 liters

per square meter and just sag under the weight of water, «spill»

on your neighbor at the top. What is a stretch ceiling? This product is made of elastic

film material based on heavy-duty vinyl. The thickness of the applied

material — 0, 15-0, 25 mm, weight — 200 g/m2. Its advantage over conventional

- The ability to receive complex spatial configurations at an angle

or in different planes. They are diverse in design, color and texture

and therefore give wide scope for the imagination of the designer in the repair of apartments.

Stretch ceilings are available in large variety and types of film have

10 textures: matte, satin, sateen with anti-microbial treatment, varnish, lacquer

perforated, moire, mother of pearl, metallic, marble under the skin, under a tree,

under suede. Each texture has a predetermined number of shades, a total

complexity — more than a century. When choosing a particular type of film into account the overall

color and design features and interior room, and then

a lighting effect desired. The ceiling is set usually at the last

stage of repair: the work it takes several hours depending on the area

and the complexity of the premises. Works produced by a team of two or three people, not

leaving behind any debris, and in most cases not even moving

furniture. The technology is fairly simple. First, make precise measurements of the room,

and the configuration of the ceiling can be of any complexity. Plans are sent

to the factory, where it made the canvas ceiling. Along the perimeter of the premises

at the desired level is set but the decorative hardware profile — baguette.

Determined the future location of lighting fixtures, and in accordance

with that in the canvas made the hole. At the base ceiling, in places where they should

be installed elements spotlight, mounted racks, in which

and install lighting fixtures, which will then be displayed in the level of tension

ceiling. Then the fabric is heated heat gun to 80 ° C. Short heating

and local, at the level of human growth temperature increase is not

felt. Therefore, there is no fear that the rise in temperature will affect

for furniture, windows, or doors, or house plants. When the blade is cooled,

is the effect of tension and the result is a perfectly flat, smooth

The advantage of suspended ceilings !

surface. Ready to fix the ceiling around the perimeter of the grip fillet, fasten

special tool on the corners and perimeter walls. The ceiling is ready. Ideally

flat blade concealed from the eyes of all the defects and roughness of the overlap. It

perhaps because the suspended ceiling is below the capital about

3-4 There is a kind of see a baguette (mini-baguette ceiling), which takes

of 1, 5 cm in height. In this installation takes a little time. For example,

in the apartment of 70 m2 is set during the entire seven hours. This

way, of course, the most successful and fastest. Installing a suspended ceiling

Takes 3 times, and the traditional plastering and whitewashing 10 times

time than the installation of stretch ceiling in the repair of apartments. In the event of flooding

from the top floor only needs to urgently call a team of installers who

detach one corner of the cloth, gently merge into the water, will dry heat gun

your capital ceiling, and tensioning vinyl put in place.

In this case the canvas completely recovers its former size. Watertightness

film, as well as the absence of condensate makes it ideal for

bathroom and kitchen. Stretch ceilings are practically require no

extra care and help save money and effort required

for routine or cosmetic repair of apartments — on canvas

ceiling company offers a 10 year warranty. These ceilings are easy to clean (dirt and

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