TIORA Stretch ceilings

TIORA Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings

Colors and textures

The unique French stretch ceiling system, offered by TIORA company allows you to e-x-p-a-n-d your imagination, enhancing the potential of you design idea, thus superseding old-fashioned methods of ceiling decoration, all-in-one saving you time and money. The versatile fitting system allows the ceiling to be installed as a simplistic flat ceiling or in varying forms such as pitched, curved, vaulted, domed and circular.

Stretch ceiling system distinctiveness :

    • Rich color palette (over 150) Wide texture choice (matt, sateen, lacquer, metallic, translucent) providing ability to create cool and modest or loud and colorful ceiling features

    Versatile application Mounting of a stretch ceiling requires a couple of hours in simple cases or 2-3 days in complex cases. The stretch ceiling is dustproof and doesnt need additional upkeep, although if necessary can be wiped using a dampen cloth

    The space between the stretch and base ceiling can conceal all engineering communications as well as heat- insulating and acoustic materials. Experienced fitters can materialize most ingenious clients ideas The stretch ceiling is waterproof. In case of flooding the stretch ceiling holds up to 100 liters per square meter, which is easily drained and the ceiling reinstalled. The stretch ceiling is impermeable, which makes it an ideal design solution for bathrooms, saunas and pools.

    A stretch ceiling ease of assembly gives immediate accesses to equipment situated under ceilings membrane

    Repeated fitting doesnt affect the stretch ceiling quality. The stretch ceiling offers the ability to install all kinds of lighting elements .


The stretch ceiling membrane sheet is made from ecological PVC film.

Sheet thickness varies- 0, 17-0, 22 мм.

Sheet weight — 230gr. /m2.

Preserves properties from -5 С to +50 С .

TIORA stretch ceilings are suitable for any private, commercial or public place. TIORA stretch ceilings can adapt to any requirement and accommodate any type of lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, safety or sound system. TIORA s unique characteristics offer style and much more. From single family homes to sports complexes and restaurants, the fantastic features of TIORA stretch ceilings give you a design tool like no other

Blend with traditional and trendy dcor

Can be installed quickly

Are leak proof, water proof & stain resistant

Resist bacteria and mold growth

Improve thermal & sound insulation

Emit no odor or fumes

Require no special cleaning techniques

Conference Rooms, Offices & Server Rooms

Ideal dust-free environment for computers

Reflective surface improves area lighting

Anti-static surface compatible with electronic equipment

Hotels, Restaurants & Clubs

Establish a sense of luxury in public spaces

Create an interesting theme in restaurants & clubs

Schools, Recreation Centers & Day Care Centers

TIORA Stretch ceilings


Easy to clean and maintain

Made of non-toxic materials

Creates stimulating environment with wide color choices

Hospitals, Medical Offices, Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Reflective surface attractive for operating rooms

Easy to clean dust-free surfaces available

Accommodates all types of lighting and ventilation for ideal working conditions

Retail Department Stores, Shops, Boutiques & Showrooms

No need to close down due to remodeling

Reflective surface adds impact to floor displays and enhances security

Can be easily changed to complement new displays or store dcor

Mirror-like finish will visually echo your products throughout the entire selling area Swimming Pools, Spas, Bathrooms and Kitchens

Will not peel from excess water contact or steam

Decorative qualities useful to create special effects

Sports Complexes and Fitness Centers

Will not be damaged by ball impact

Shock proof

Capable of covering very large areas

Reflective qualities enhance workout environment

Once the track is installed, custom-cut film stretched into place, starting with the corners. Its semi-rigid edge is fitted into the wall track, securing the film without intermediate supports. Lighting fixtures, alarms, sprinklers and ventilation equipment can all be accommodated. Installing the TIORA system in a typical room or small office takes about two to four hours, depending on the complexity of the room. The number of corners and openings required determines the complexity and the amount of time required.

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