10 Tips For Decorating A Loft

10 Tips For Decorating A Loft

Loft Decorating For Style and Function

When decorating a loft, it is important to consider the character or history of the space. Traditionally, lofts were built in factories and warehouses. Today, loft living encompasses an urban way of life, from traditional loft architecture to a modern lifestyle.

Living in a loft sounds unusual and contemporary, but when you are faced with a single spacious room and some interesting features like exposed pipes and support columns, you realize the challenges in learning how to decorate a loft apartment. These 10 fabulous tips for loft decorating are sure to turn that vast expanse of space into a cozy living environment you will love.

1. Defining the Space

Start by walking around your loft to find the best spot for the living area, sleeping space and dining room. Base your decisions on where the kitchen and bathroom are located, and how the windows are arranged.

The living area should have a room with a view, so arrange your sofa where you will be able to enjoy gazing at the lights of the city in the evening. Windows will also be a factor in your bedroom space, since you may not enjoy awakening to the sun shining through a large window every morning. Once you decide on the lay out, sketch a map to help you keep track as the decorating process begins.

2. Dividing the Space

Once you have defined your space, there are a few tricks to divide it. This can be done with furniture pieces like bookcases or tables that will act as a border to different rooms. You can also use a raised platform to set apart the bedroom from the rest of the home.

Screens or room dividers are the perfect accessories for loft living; another option is to hang fabric screens from your high ceiling to act as makeshift walls dividing your various living spaces.

3. Choosing a Style

Most lofts lend themselves well to a contemporary style of décor, with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. Combine a variety of natural materials like wood and stone with manmade elements such as glass and stainless steel for a chic, modern look. Add a few house plants and rich fabrics to soften the space.

In the kitchen, go for trendy elements in your loft decorating like stainless-steel or solid-black appliances and granite countertops. Install a contemporary light fixture over the kitchen island and a coordinating piece in the eating area.

If your loft is in an older building with architectural elements that lean to the rustic, antique styling may be a better choice for you. In this case, you can add hand-carved woods and antique chests for storage, and light your space with glass chandeliers. Rich upholstery on the furniture and plenty of throw pillows and fabric accents will warm up the space and add a nice touch to a rustic style of loft décor.

4. Choosing a Color Palette

A common color scheme in decorating a loft is neutral, with hues of beige, taupe and white throughout. Unlike traditional homes with separated rooms, the loft will need to use a single color palette to keep the space coordinated and eye pleasing.

Don’t be afraid to add some color with splashes of bold hues to offset the neutrals. You can also add interest with painting effects, like a single wall of broad stripes that alternate gloss and flat paint of the same hue.

5. Furnishing the Loft

Choose some rich wood pieces for the living room area and offset with sleek, metal-bar stools at the kitchen island. Add a couple of furniture pieces on wheels that will offer greater versatility, like a table or desk that can be easily moved from one space to another when needed. Natural fabrics are generally used in loft decorating, and can include sophisticated leather, rich wool, airy cotton, linen and luxurious silk.

6. Incorporating Storage

Four walls and some windows hardly sound like a space that will provide ample storage for the average loft dweller. If the apartment is too small or sparse, finding a place for everything will be a challenge in decorating. Furniture pieces that do double duty as an accent and a storage unit are the perfect choice.

Tables and ottomans are famous for this duel purpose, and platform beds offer bedroom organization with plenty of drawers and cubbies underneath. Use your vertical space by purchasing tall dressers and armoires that offer lots of storage and serve as effective room dividers. A good rule of thumb is to provide at least one piece of storage in every «room» you create.

7. Warming up the Floor

Hardwood and cement flooring can look fabulous, but it will not feel so great first thing in the morning under bare feet. Warm up you flooring with area rugs that will also serve to define different living areas.

Place one large rug in front of your sofa in the living room and another underneath your dining room set in the eating area. A rug or two in the bedroom will keep your toes warm and cozy first thing in the morning and late at night. And don’t forget the mat at the front door to catch the dirt coming into your home so it doesn’t get tracked over your beautiful floors.

10 Tips For Decorating A Loft

8. Choosing the Right Lighting

Lighting is another challenge in decorating a loft, since the high ceilings will dictate the type of fixtures that can be used. Take advantage of this additional vertical space by hanging funky chandeliers or pendant lights over your bed and eating area. In addition, add some lower lighting in lamps and wall sconces that will sufficiently light your entire space up and down.

9. Window Dressing

You may have a fabulous view from those large windows, but they will need to be properly dressed if you want to enjoy privacy and relief from the bright sun.

Sheer fabric panels will provide some coverage while letting in that wonderful natural light. Blinds and shutters are another good choice, since they can be opened wide to let the sun in and closed for privacy later in the day.

10. Dealing with High Ceilings

Ceilings in lofts tend to be high, and usually feature exposed ductwork and beams. To visually lower the ceiling and camouflage some of those features, part of your loft decorating may be to paint the ceiling a darker shade.

You can also add architectural elements like crown molding to bring the ceiling height down. Use space on your walls by purchasing pictures and paintings that can be hung vertically, and add some taller pieces of furniture such as bookcases and armoires.

Loft living is a great way to enjoy city life up close without sacrificing creature comforts like a cozy living space to call your own. Whether you are an uptown girl by heart or simply want to live closer to the action, a loft may be the perfect space for you.

With these tips for decorating a loft, you can have a home that will resonate with your own personal flair. Whether you go contemporary or rustic, just go for the loft apartment when you want the ultimate in city living.

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