Acoustical ceiling cleaning company with the best ceiling cleaning products and services available.

Acoustical ceiling cleaning company with the best ceiling cleaning products and services available.

Acou stical Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration since 1987, Nationally Known Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration Experts at NCWLN NETWORK have used their Exclusive Ceiling Ceiling Systems and methods in thousands of facilities, delivering superior results, time after time.

Our techniques, philosphy and procedures, not to mention our Exclusive Ceiling Cleaning Solutions. delivers BETTER RESULTS.

Our Experts have more years of hands on experience and real world application of our specialty cleaning services. providing us a level of expertise that our customers have come to know and trust. One of our Internationally known clients, recently, following a large project for them, presented us with a plaque that reads:

Quality is never an Accident,

it is always the result of intelligent Effort

At NCWLN We Guarantee you will see the difference.

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When ceiling cleaning was first founded, Scott Caruso’s was one of the leaders, he was one of the first to use his exclusive ceiling cleaning solutions to clean and restore acoustical ceilings for top retailers. See Target and Kroger interview in 1993, about Scott Caruso’s and the Exclusive Ceiling Cleaning process used.

We have used our exclusive cleaning systems and methods to restore ceilings for the Largest Retail Clients and Property Managers, with letters of testimonials, dating back to when our systems were first proven (see Brian Kimmerling’s letter from Target ) working for the Big Retailers. traveling from New York to California, from Michigan to Texas.

Today, the NCWLN Network has the Best Trained and Most Knowledgeable Experts throughtout the country, delivering specialty cleaning and lighting services to both large and small clients.

By cleaning your acoustical ceilings you can save your organizations valuable maintenance and remodeling dollars, not only will it save you money over the other methods but, it will prolonging the life of your ceilings, while MAINTAINING A HIGH QUALITY OF CLEANLINESS.


We have saved Millions of Dollars for:

Property Managers, General Contractors, Restaurant Owners, Large Retailers, Health Care Facility Managers, and many other industrial and commercial building owners.

Our Specialty Cleaning Experts have for the past two decades, cleaned some of the most expensive revealed edge glacier and designer tile in the dining rooms, office buildings, corporate headquarters, and just about everywhere. We know how to clean ALL types of acoustical ceilings. If you have an acoustical ceiling, you need to call us toll free 1-877-763-1471, and allow us the opportunity to tell you about our knowledge of the business and our success story’s.

We have cleaned millions of square feet of acoustical ceilings all across the country. From New York to California, from Michigan to Texas, from East Coast to West Coast. We have Cleaned all types of Ceilings. from the largest Corporate facilities to both large and small kitchens for Restaurants and other ceilings that have (non-porous) vinyl tile.

The Reason is clear, you can’t get our quality workmanship and finished results, from just any company that has little experience, and doesn’t have the proper equipment or products.

Over 20 years of continues cleaning, research, development, technique’s. and some of the hardest working specialty cleaning services centers and people that have cleaned thousands of facilities and hundreds of different cleaning requirements writing the book on Specialty Cleaning Services, from new Restuarant designs and maintenance requirements, the people at NCWLN can handle all your needs. One thing is for certain, it not only takes years of knowledge and experience, but, it also requires our Exclusive Cleaning products. equipment and systems to deliver the quality results that our customers have come to demand.

Results. that’s right, Results. time after time, after time.

Why Us? Simply stated. The National Ceiling, Wall and Lighting Network Service Centers have been the best since 1987, we have set the standands that others have only strived to meet. Using our exclusive techniques and products has set us apart from the rest. Our competitor’s have tried to copy and duplicate us and have failed. Why ?

It’s like a special recipe (like KFC) that only we have. Our exclusive ceiling cleaning formula’s can’t be compared, our cleaning methods deliver superior results on the toughest and largest facility cleaning jobs, without any mess, and, with superior results, time after time, after time.

No one can accomplish your Speciality Cleaning and Services needs with more expertise than NCWLN. That’s a Fact. And we can prove it.

Don’t believe there’s a difference? Guess Again. Ask Them !

So, you see from the very begining of the ceiling cleaning industry, we have be a proven leader. Our operational technicians have more, in the field, real world experience than most. And that experience is one of things that makes us Better.

Not only do we know ceilings, but we also delivered other specialty cleaning services, like, walls, lights, and high cleaning of beams, pipes, rafters and other specailty cleaning needs of our customer. This will saves even more money by delivering more services for less. For instance, we can clean your ceilings, walls and lights all on one visit. And, at the same time, we could relamp your lighting fixtures, thus saving you the need for an extra visit to that store for relamping. By combining our services, you will experience the same people that you come to trust, can handle several of your specialty cleaning & lighting services needs.

Clean your Ceiling • Don’t Paint or Coat your ceiling.

Read more and find out why our methods of restoring acoustical ceilings not only are rare, but are Exclusive. That’s right, just one of the things that makes our network different, not only do we use different products, but we also use a different philosphy when it comes to acoustical ceiling care.

We believe that you should always have your ceiling professionally cleaned, and, maintain them for years to come, and they, the ceiling painters/coating industry, they have a different philosphy, their’s is to put paint/coating on your expensive ceiling system, and we THINK this is WRONG.

Why wouldn’t you simply call a ceiling cleaning professional and have it cleaned?

You don’t call a painter/coater to paint your carpeting, you call a Professional Carpet Cleaner, so why would you paint/coat your ceilings? Imagine the paint/coating after it was sprayed on your carpeting. How long would it stay clean, the same is for the painting/coating, how long do you expect it to say clean. See, the reason we don’t paint/coat our carpets is the same reason as our ceilings, because we want to be able to clean them in the future, and since both the carpet and the ceiling are cleanable surfaces, why would you paint/coat them, the same it true, for alot of things, just think about it,

Why would you paint/coat your diffusers, sprinklers, speaker grills?

These items make up you ceiling system and can be professionally cleaned to look like new.

Once you choose to paint/coat your ceilings, in our opinion, you just committed to a process that has a short term solution to a long term problem. The Problem is, that the ceiling, is still going to get dirty at the same rate that it did before the painting/coating of the ceiling, so maintenance of your ceiling should always be a concern.

We can tell you from experience that maintaining a paint/coated ceiling instead of the original acoustical ceiling that the manufacture designed, is going to be a problem, if not impossible. And your only other option is going to be to paint it again, and by that time your ceilings is going to look even more monochromatic and drywall like in appearance.

The most expensive part of the ceiling system is when it is first installed.

And the Grid/Ceiling System, don’t ruin the most expensive part, of your ceilings.

If you just put in a new ceiling, why would you coat/paint it. You know that your ceiling is going to get dirty and need some maintenance. Because your ceiling is dirty is no reason to paint or coat your ceiling. Ok lets say your ceiling tiles are really bad, OK, that’s still no reason to paint your ceiling. Clean the grids (t-Bar), diffusers, speaker grills, and other items on the ceiling and replace the tile.

Again the answer, is clear, their in the painting/coating business.

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