Ceiling Fans Nostalgia or Energy Savings M Tri-County

Ceiling Fans: Nostalgia or Energy Savings?

The first rule when buying a home is location. The second rule is you dont want to own the most expensive home in the neighborhood so you need to consider which features are most important to you. As you consider extra features, you also want to balance those that enhance atmosphere and those that provide functionality or cost savings.

Ceiling Fans Can Save You Money

In moderate climates, ceiling fans are an alternative to air conditioning. Where air conditioning is required, ceiling fans can reduce the number of months when you need to run the air conditioner and ceiling fans will let you save on air conditioning costs WHEN you increase the thermostat temperature by several degrees. If you normally set your thermostat at 76 degrees in the summer, with a ceiling fan you can raise the thermostat to 78 or 79 degrees and be just as comfortable. If you forget to raise the thermostat then you wont save money because your air conditioner will run just as much.

How Does a Ceiling Fan Lower the Temperature?

The ceiling fan never lowers the temperature of the air, so it wont cool the room where its running. Ceiling fans cool people because the air blowing over your body increases the amount of evaporation from your skin, which is how we cool ourselves.  You therefore need to be sitting under the fan or nearby so there is air blowing across your body. You also want to turn the fan on and off, just as you turn lights on and off when you enter or leave a room.

In the winter you can reverse the direction of your fan and it will blow the warm, ceiling air down. If the warmer air causes the thermostat to stay warmer, it will cause the heating system to run less and save you money similar to savings with your air conditioner. You have to be careful though as the air movement can also create drafts which might cause some people to raise the thermostat temperature and youll spend more for heating. Its recommended that you run your fan on the lowest setting during the winter to avoid this problem.

Ceiling Fans Nostalgia or Energy Savings M Tri-County

Ceiling Fan Costs and Savings

How much you spend on a ceiling fan is based on personal preferences. Prices vary from $50 to more than $1,000 although we recommend with moving parts, that you buy a fan from a reliable lighting or electrical supply store. Double check when getting a fan with a remote control, as weve had customer situations where the fan did not work with the remote, causing much stress for the customer and our handyman technicians. Generally you can save about 15% of your air conditioning bill, which will vary based on where you live, your lifestyle and the cost of electricity. If your electric bills are very high, you likely have a bigger problem like inadequate insulation, need caulking around your doors and windows or possibly its time to get a more energy efficient air conditioner.

When you buy a ceiling fan, the best size will depend on the size of the room where the fan will be installed. Generally a small 36 inch fan will be fine for rooms up to 9 x 12 feet. For larger rooms youll want a larger fan 48 inches for rooms up to 12 by 15 feet and a  56 inch fan for larger rooms. Long narrow rooms may need 2 smaller fans for effective air circulation.

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