Ceiling Panels — How To Choose And Install Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panels - How To Choose And Install Ceiling Panels

How To Choose And Install Ceiling Panels

Because there are so many options available to you when choosing ceiling panels. it is not unusual to get confused as to which one you should use. For some people, it is going to have more to do with the looks of the ceiling than anything else and they may even go after something that is very specific, such as a tin ceiling panels. For other people, however, the 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 ceiling panels may be exactly what they need. Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing these items and how to make sure they are installed properly.

How Will Ceiling Panels Be Installed?

One thing that always needs to be considered whenever installing ceiling panels is going to be the way it is to be installed to the current ceiling.

  • Although some types of ceilings, such as small tin ceiling panels and plank ceilings can be installed directly to the existing surface, the majority of them are going to be suspended using a grid system.
  • In order for the installation to go properly, you need to make sure that the existing surfaces are prepared properly, you did the proper roof maintenance. and that any grid system which needs to be installed is installed according to manufacturers specifications.
  • The reason why this is the case, is because the grid system is going to be the load bearing part of the entire ceiling.
  • Even though you may be using fiberglass, which is a light material, any installation or other items that are going to be laid out across the grid (in accordance with the manufacturers directions) is going to use the grid as the load bearing surface.
    Ceiling Panels - How To Choose And Install Ceiling Panels
  • The panels will either have a problem with sagging or they may fall down altogether should you happen to put the weight on them directly.

The Acoustical Quality Of Ceiling Panels

This is also something that needs to be taken into consideration, and lowering the ceiling using the grid system can certainly interfere with this.

  • When you are installing one of these new ceilings in your home, make sure that you are not going to dampen the acoustics so much that the sound will be muffled inside of the room. This can not only make it difficult to hear, it can interfere with any sound system that you have in the home.
  • In a suspended ceiling, you may also have to purchase light ceiling panels, along with the lighting components and ceiling light fixtures that will go above it. These will also be light weight, and again, it is the grid system that will bear any load. Install any lights to local building codes, which would include the wiring. This is important, even if it is hidden by the new ceiling.

Regardless of whether you are choosing a tin ceiling panel design or if you are going with a grid design in a suspended ceiling, you really have the opportunity to add something nice to your home. Installing ceiling panels can really help to make your house a better house, and it can make it a more comfortable environment for everybody who lives in it.

Installing Cornice Board Designs

You dont need to hire a professional to install cornice designs. This is something you can do on your own but it is important to follow these steps if you want it to look professional. Cornice designs should not be put up on rooms with low ceilings because it will make the room look even smaller.

The materials you will need for installing cornice board designs around a window in your home include:

  • a nail gun
  • electric saw
  • angle finder
  • miter bond
  • elastomeric caulk
  • putty knife
  • finishing nails
  • extra fine sand paper

One of the most important things to consider before you get started with cornice designs is measuring. Carefully measure around the window so it is centered and looks professional. In addition, improper measuring will cause you to go through more materials you need. You might need to purchase additional cornice foam board because you measured too short. The most common lengths of cornice foam board are 8 and 12 foot. Be sure both measurements are within 1/16th of an inch.

The corners may not be a perfect 90 degree angle. Use an angle finder to properly measure the corners, so the angles are accurate. The angle is where the cornice board designs meet the angles at the corners so it must be as accurate as possible.

Buying More Molding

Most instructions dont tell you to buy more molding for cornice designs that you need. Always buy about 10% more molding than you actually measured for. You will always have waste when cutting the corners. However, you will also have joint pieces. In addition, temperatures and humidity often alter the size of dentilated cornices. Once you measure, it is important to allow the molding to sit for a few days and adjust to the temperatures before you cut the pieces. After a few days, cut the measurements. Cut the cornice in a straight line first and then make the angle patterns.

The corner angles are the most difficult part of cornice board designs. Some people like to practice on scraps before they make the actual cut. Practice cuts are smart and ensure you dont have to run out and buy new molding. The miter will be used to cut the corners.

Attention To The Detail

Ensure the cornice designs you have cut look good above each window before you nail them in. You want to be sure the dentilated frame is not nailed into the metal in the frame. All windows have metal above the frames and you want to miss this. A nail gun is preferred because you need to use force to get the nail deep in the molding and the wall. In addition, you dont want to accidentally miss the nail and damage the cornice. Use glue on the corners and sand lightly with sand paper.

Cornice designs are easy to install. Be sure you properly measure the windows and the molding prior to making any cuts. Take care on the corners when cutting also. You can give a room an entirely new look when you put up a cornice. Cornices are best used on rooms with high vaulted ceilings.

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