Cheap wall decor ideas that dont LOOK cheap!

Cheap wall decor ideas that dont LOOK cheap!

Cheap Wall Decor

Ideas for budget decorators!

I have some really neat cheap wall decor ideas to share with you! I’m so excited to share them with you! Cheap decorating ideas doesn’t mean it has to look cheap!

I found an old burlap coffee bag for $15! So, I purchased a canvas that would come close to fitting the burlap bag.

To copy this cheap wall decor idea, wrap the burlap around the canvas and staple all the way around. Then purchase decorative upholstery nail heads from your local craft or sewing store. Using a ruler, space them two inches apart. Easy!

This budget decorating idea is from This DIY wall art project uses scrapbook paper! The paper is mounted on a sheet of Styrofoam Brand foam board. Super inexpensive idea! I love it.

You could also use Mod Podge and cover your Styrofoam board using fabric instead of scrapbook paper.

Another fabulous cheap wall decor idea is using your favorite photos to mount on a canvas using Mod Podge. Go to Kinko’s and have your photo printed to fit your canvas.

Purchase scrap booking paper to decorate the edges of your canvas, or you could simply paint the edges with acrylic paint. Next, using Mod Podge apply your photo to you canvas. Remember, Mod Podge is milky white until it dries. You could mount several of your photos and then create a large collage on your wall. This is a gorgeous way to display your favorite photos!

You can find canvas art at reasonable prices. I found this at the craft store half off! One of the things I love about canvas art it how wonderfully easy it is to hang!

This idea comes from Dear The branches were penciled on the wall, and then painted in with acrylic craft paint. Then they attached crepe flowers! And even better, they have a tutorial on how to make crepe flowers!

If you didn’t want to make crepe flowers, choose some silk flowers. Cut the stems off close to the flower, and attach to the wall using ticky-tack.

Cheap Wall Decor for A Wedding Gift

Have a photo enlarged into an engineer print! Send your photo to Staples and order an engineer print for under $10!

What about adding color to a pallette along with some hooks and turn it into a coat rack? You would only need a little paint! Use acrylic craft paints, and find decorative hooks from your home improvement store.

Cheap wall decor ideas that dont LOOK cheap!

Find a unique sign at your local store or flea market. I love how this one looks like a huge paper tag.

Removable wall decals are so popular! I think they are a fantastic idea for any room in the house. You can find them just about anywhere. They are a great way to add some instant wall art!

Removable wall decals are sold almost anywhere, and for anyone. I just finished a little girls room and used a wall decal that was a black chandelier. The kit came with little diamonds that had sticky backs that you applied right onto the chandelier. It really looked great and was under $15.

These shutter are one of my favorite flea market finds! I didn’t have to do anything to them! They hang in my daughter’s room. Comb the flea market for budget decorating ideas; you never know what you will find.

To hang these shutters I used heavy-duty picture hooks on the back. You just hammer them into the wood shutters. After I hung the shutters, I used a little ticky-tack at the bottom to hold the shutters in place, and keep them from moving if someone brushes by them and gives them a bump.

How beautiful is this wall decor idea? This is a really neat, and inexpensive floating art design using old frames painted white, with antique plates hung in the middle.

I love this contemporary look! Purchase ceiling medallions from the home improvement store, and paint them all the same color! Great idea! Do you have some inspirational cheap wall decor ideas? Click the «Your Ideas» button at the top left navigation bar and share with us!

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