Halloween Decorations — Bloody Bathroom Massacre

Halloween Decorations - Bloody Bathroom Massacre

Bloody Bathroom Massacre

Want to make your bathroom look as though a slaughter has taken place? Well, here’s how we did it.

Bloody Shower Curtain

This gory looking shower curtain liner really sets the stage for what must have been a bloody bathroom massacre. Perfect for creating a real blood bath, this full size white shower curtain is printed with lots of bloody handprints and gruesome smears.

Made from light-weight translucent vinyl and measures seventy inches by seventy-two inches. Its functional as a real shower curtain too! We used a black shower valance with ours.

Red Towels

First, you want lots of red in the bathroom. We temporarily replaced our regular bath linens with bright red colored bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Red bath linens are available at most department stores and online retailers year round. As an added bonus, you can use these during the Xmas holiday as well.

As an alternative, you could buy inexpensive white towels at a discount store and purposely stain them with red acrylic craft paint as though they had been used to clean up blood. To do this we took a small bottle of red craft paint and spread it over a paper plate. Then with latex gloves on, we moved our hands in the paint to lightly coat the surface of the gloves. Next, we grabbed the towels and cleaned off our hands on the towels just like we would if they were wet. Then the towels are hung on a clothesline for a couple of days to dry. Just remember, once you do this these can only be used as Halloween decorations, as the towels will be permanently stained with paint, but they look great.

Drips of Blood Gel Cling

Perfect for use on windows or any glass surface, including a mirror, this Halloween decoration creates a realistic illusion of dripping blood. The red translucent, gel-like substance will adhere to any smooth glass surface and peels off easily when you want to remove it. Measures eighteen inches wide by twelve inches tall.

This product should not for used on walls, wood or metal doors as it will cause staining. We use this material to run along the entire top of our bathroom mirrors to create the effect of fresh blood running down the mirror.

Halloween Decorations - Bloody Bathroom Massacre

Dripping Blood Border Roll — Scene Setters

While not as 3D looking as the product described above, the dripping blood cling will not stain walls or doors. Add simulated dripping blood around the top of the tub or bottom of a shower stall. Dripping Blood Halloween decoration works well on glass or and on any clean, smooth surface. Using tacks or tape, add a strip of this to the top of both the inside and outside of the bathroom door. Next, attach pieces to run around the entire ceiling of the bathroom.

Available at Halloween shops and department stores during October. The Dripping Blood Border Roll comes in a fifty foot roll.

Red Toilet Tissue

Renova Color Toilet Paper comes in a nice bright color of red. This toilet paper is a biodegradable, non-toxic, soothing tissue and does not bleed any color when wet. Available from: Satin Box .

The Butcher Shop sign looks like a roughly hewn, charred wooden sign and implement hanging board with the words Butchers Shop carved into it. Hanging from it are old and bloody butchering tools, including a large knife, cleaver and sickle. It hangs via a simulated old chain. This sign is a blow molded plastic fake wood sign measuring eleven inches wide by sixteen inches tall. We hung this sign on the wall.

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