Industrial Curtains Divider Walls, Enclosures & Partitions

Industrial Curtains Divider Walls, Enclosures & Partitions

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  • Autobody shop curtains
  • Softwall Cleanroom curtains
  • Room Divider curtains
  • Warehouse Divider curtains
  • Manufacturing Enclosures
  • Wash bay curtains
  • Welding curtains
  • Welding blankets
  • Body shop curtains
  • Spray paint booth enclosures
  • Prep Work Stations
  • Strip curtain doors
  • Partition curtain wall
  • Woodworking curtains
  • Industrial Curtains Divider Walls, Enclosures & Partitions
  • Food Processing curtains
  • Climate Control curtain
  • Fume/Odor control
  • Dust/Particle containment
  • Noise Control blankets
  • Insulated curtains
  • Sound Barrier curtains
  • Sound Attenuation blankets
  • Acoustic curtains
  • Thermal curtains
  • Thermal/Insulated product covers
  • Dock Doors
  • Loading Dock enclosures

Explore our website to see AmCraft’s full line of industrial curtain products including PVC strip doors, industrial track systems, and insulated / acoustic curtain and enclosure solutions. In addition to manufacturing custom sizes, we have stock vinyl curtains available in standard sizes to set up your room for most typical applications.

Click here for stock product ordering information and available sizes.

AmCraft also manufactures custom valances and ceiling tops for autobody shops to comply with the new federal rule NESHAP Subpart 6H that went into effect on January 10, 2011.

Paint Stripping and Miscellaneous Surface Coating Operations Area Source Rule

NESHAP Subpart 6H for Motor Vehicles and Mobile Equipment

The intent of the NESHAP is to minimize emissions of target Hazardous Air Pollutants. All independent mobile refinishing companies are subject to the NESHAP requirements if they use one or more spray guns with a cup size over three ounces.

AmCraft Manufacturing creates custom valances, ceilings and enclosed cleanrooms to fit any existing space. We can help you meet these Federal Guidelines for compliance in your industry.

Amcraft Manufacturing is a dynamic manufacturing company located in Elk Grove Village, IL, near O’Hare International Airport. We produce a wide spectrum of products from prototype to mass production, paying close attention to every detail. With many years of experience, our heat sealing (radio frequency welding) and commercial sewing services provide fabrication of many types of products (such as industrial curtain walls), giving each customer and each project a high quality end product.

Our website displays the variety of possibilities these services provide. Together, our in-house sales and production team work on your specifications to ensure fast and accurate manufacturing of your project. And, when your project is completed, our location is convenient for shipping via planes, trains, trucks and all national/international courier services. AmCraft makes sure we talk and walk you through to completion (and even after the project is completed) to make sure that your industrial curtain divider needs and expectations are met or exceeded by our excellent customer service.

For more information on our other AmCraft product offerings visit:

Thank you for suggesting we combine the strength of sewing and welding to our new vinyl curtains. We have extreme circumstances to our business and worker safety was our most important concern. These curtains look great and are more durable than our last ones.

Thomas R. – Warehouse Manager

Kristin in Customer Service was so kind to help get my specs and quotes just right, even when I came back several times with changes. I appreciated her knowledge of the products offered and her speed of response. I am now a returning customer, thanks to Kristin!

Emily R. — Contracting Project Coordinator

The vinyl partition curtain is doing a good job of containing the heat in the meeting space. We lined up all the track pieces carefully and the industrial curtain is drawing open and closed very smoothly. I think your product was the perfect solution to our problem. Thank you all for your help!

Jon S. — Community Association Manager

The PVC curtains came in and are perfect! The carwash is the highlight of the year and it looks really sharp. You have been great to deal with, best company and best service by a long shot.

Liz G. — Autobody Carwash Project Manager

We utilize the industrial curtains in our test and clean tank, and so far we are really enjoying them. In this application, we have the curtains open to allow air flow and better visibility of the testing equipment. We couldn’t be happier with the construction and quality of the curtains / track and they add a very «trick» look to our shipping / receiving department.

Sean H. — Stage 3

The reason we put up these industrial curtains is because we wanted to reduce the noise we make when working and loading our trucks at 3:30AM in the morning. We are located in a semi-residential area, so on our quest to being good neighbors, we installed AmCraft noise reducing curtains with great results. I am glad these sound curtains did resolve the problem, so we thank you for all your help!

Mario J. — Food Processing Operations Manager

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