Installation Instruction and Tips Vintage Ceiling Tile Custom Ceiling Panels Vintage Backsplash

Installation Instruction and Tips Vintage Ceiling Tile Custom Ceiling Panels Vintage Backsplash


* You have many options of design, smaller rooms — smaller patterns, centering, fields and borders. VintageCeilings will help you on the phone to determine what is best for your rooms. We make you call us to order, therefore we can make sure the process is understood.

** Make two walls flush, the other two walls will probably have cut patterns, this is the easiest, (most people dont know or realize the difference)

** Center your pattern & cut equal patterns on the edges, can be slightly more costly, due to cutting into panels.

** Border/filler panels around the perimeter, centering the field design in the middle. This is the true method of installing an old fashioned Vintage Ceiling. Its not much harder at all. Rule of thumb, border is no more larger than the design.

* Moulding is recommended. Whether you use wood, or VintageCeilings cove moulding, it definitely brings the room together.

* VintageCeilings recommends using ceramic wall tile adhesive-available at all DIY stores & small brad nails. This adhesive has the fastest grab and can be shifted for about 10 minutes before it is set. You will use approximately one gallon of adhesive for every 15 — 2 x 4 panels used.Other tube style adhesives will work. but you might have to immediately nail also. Nailing the panels cinches the seams where needed and also ensures proper attachment over length of time. Use 1 brad nails with heads if using a hammer or 18 gauge brad nails if you have a air brad nailer. Beware of what might lie above this surface. possibly water supply lines you dont want to pierce into.

* Installing primed panels ensures a complete and even paint job. This is what you always see in old buildings that have inspired you to install a VintageCeiling! Caulking the seams makes for a very finished look and brings it altogether, especially if you are painting it a a light color. Otherwise you can always see the shadow near the seams and cove. VintageCeilings recommends using Dap AlexPlus, Clear painters caulk. Other caulks can be used also of course, just make sure they are paintable!

* For setting the panels in place, VintageCeilings recommends using an installation jig. These are easy to make, ( we have instructions for you), or you can buy one from us (slight assembly required)

Installation Instruction and Tips Vintage Ceiling Tile Custom Ceiling Panels Vintage Backsplash

* If you have some experience in wallpapering, painting, tiling or other small projects, you can easily install a VintageCeiling in a short time. We have never had a call back to us from a customer telling us it was too difficult. THE GREAT THING ABOUT A VintageCeiling IS THAT IT IS MADE TO LOOK OLD, NOT PERFECT. THEREFORE YOU HAVE SOME ROOM FOR ERROR AND IT WILL LOOK LIKE IT HASE BEEN THERE FOR A LIFETIME! Your ideas of color and design will only give you the feeling of a custom tin ceiling like every one you have always seen. Remember, you have probably never seen an original unpainted tin ceiling anywhere. If you have, its a reproduction and treated to withstand rusting, which will eventually still happen.


The point of entry is important, its nice to overlap the seams so they are hidden from this view,

Placing the panel. Pressing hard where you know you put the adhesive as needed. Stepping back after every panel and making sure you are going in a straight line. You can fudge a little bit to overcome previous slight misplacements.

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