Multi functional, pre-fabricate, portable, polygon structures featuring over-sized pillars

Denis, Hugo Braun (2501 Via Viesta, San Diego, CA, 92037, US)


I claim:

1. A pre-fabricated, portable, polygon Gazebo structure erected on site that takes it’s shape from a large steel superstructure that consists of an upper cupola and support ring, roof beams, posts, connectors, cross beams and flanges plus a plurality of interior posts all of which define either a single level or multiple level structure; a single or multi-tiered roof; and define an interior central utility core space to house electrical, mechanical plumbing and electronic equipment, a corollary functional space, alcoves to house equipment and storage units germane to that function, a perimeter station to service the building cliental, and in some instances to extend up to the top of the structure to provide structural support for an upper support ring and cupola.

2. A pre-fabricated, portable, polygon Gazebo structure where the main vertical structural posts are surrounded by over-sized large diameter pillars to give the appearance of strength, durability, and longevity whereby the pillars are circular or polygon in shape and are either non-functional and made of panels clad with decorative stone, wood, metal, glass, or mirrors; or are functional and consist of columns of stacked containers, vessels, or niches bound by a series of vertical brackets that clasp the rear profiles of adjoining containers, vessels or niches so that they can sleeve up and down the brackets and be secured by a cap block to prevent their removal and where the spaces between the pillars can remain open or can be glassed-in with floor to ceiling windows allowing abundant natural light into the structure and making the structure habitable.

3. A pre-fabricated, portable, polygon Gazebo structure with a central utility core (CUC) to house all utility, electrical, electronic, mechanical, office, and digital equipment and apparatus plus space for a corollary function to the main Gazebo use such as a washroom, kitchen, operating theatre, X-ray room, MIR room, imaging room, control room, vault, secured communication room, specialty storage facility, or document archive; plus a series of perimeter alcoves to house specialty equipment or storage related to the main Gazebo use or the corollary function taking place in the CUC interior space. 3 .1 A CUC that contains but is not limited to: electric wiring, electric control box, electricity meter, water pipes, water meter, hot water heater, water chiller, water purifier, plumbing pipes, sewer pipes, garbage compactor, garbage recycle unit, compost holder, copper piping, PVC pipe, vault or safe, fire extinguishers, video surveillance, computer, servers, monitors, printers, fax, phone junction box, cable, fiber optic cables, wireless LAN terminals, TV, CD and DVD players, speakers, furnace, heating, air conditioning, air purifiers, medical gas, air ventilation and exhaust, appliance heat and gas exhaust, bathroom exhaust ducts, air circulation, root cellar, underground cool air ducts, closets for cleaning equipment, central vacuum equipment and hose. 3 .2. A CUC that provides interior space for a corollary function to support the main use of the Gazebo accompanied by modular wedge-shaped alcoves around the perimeter that support either the main Gazebo function; or corollary function of the CUC and has doors that either open outward to the whole Gazebo and house specialty equipment pertaining to the principal function of the Gazebo; or open inward to the interior of the CUC and house specialty equipment pertaining to the corollary function of the CUC; or open both outward and inward with supplies or equipment critical to both functions.



This nonprovisional utility patent application claims the benefit of a previously filed provisional application. The Application number is No. 60/783,376 having an international filing date Mar. 18, 2006 or in words March eighteenth in the year two thousand and six, issued to Denis Hugo Braun, the same individual applicant of this current application. A copy is attached.


The rights to this patent application and contents are solely those of Denis Hugo Braun who declares that:

      1. he qualifies as a small entity; and 2. the application he submits does not contain any component that was developed under any federally sponsored research or development project or nor was funded by any government sponsored research or development project.


Portable polygon structures and Gazebos offer timely solutions to space needs in residential, institutional, or commercial situations where needs are immediate; or the time-line for the usefulness of a structure is uncertain; or where needs of the user may change.

A multitude of previous applications relate to small traditional residential backyard or park structures for shade or band concerts made of wood or plastic and which advance methods to manufacture, erect, use, or maintain the structure. These uninhabitable structures are normally open air, very decorative, feature small exposed posts, have no utilities or core functions, and are single level structures. Here is a list:.

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